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Monday, September 16, 2019

HFC celebrates National Surgical Technologists Week Sept. 16-20

Photo of surgery
Students in the HFC Surgical Technology program hone their surgical skills in a controlled, simulated environment.

HFC is celebrating National Surgical Technologists Week Sept. 16-21.

“It is solely to recognize our profession and our contribution to the operating room team. We are specially trained in sterile techniques to prevent patient infection, as well as to anticipate all of the surgeon’s needs during each surgical procedure,” said HFC Surgical Technology program director Keambra Pierson, a 2006 alumna of the program.

Currently there are 112,100 surgical tech positions available nationwide with more than 200 positions available in Michigan. HFC contributes to the growing field of surgical technology by training entry level techs who work in hospital operating rooms, labor and delivery, surgical centers, doctors’ offices, colleges, and even the morgue.

100% pass rate and employment rate

The program, which admits only 20 students per year, is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. For the past four years, HFC students have taken the National Certified Surgical Technologist Exam with a 100 percent pass rate. For the past 10 years, HFC students have found 100 percent job placement.

Established in 1997, the Surgical Technology program prepares students for employment as surgical technologists. In the first year, students complete the basic technical and academic courses. The second year focuses on advanced technical courses and the clinical component of the program. Students spend approximately 600 hours in a variety of diverse clinical settings.

Program turns out attractive hiring candidates with a strong sense of professionalism

Its newly-renovated lab and equipment simulate real-life patient care scenarios and provide innovative, surgical robotic training. Critical and creative thinking is encouraged via case studies and mock surgical scenarios. Students must provide an overview of the surgical experience from the viewpoint of the patient and the entire surgical team.

“We boast a 100 percent national certification rate and employment rate,” said Pierson. “From the first class until the final class we provide critical thinking opportunities, which is a large part of our certification exam; this prepares the students to excel on the exam. We also have high expectations for professionalism throughout the duration of the program, which is identified by employers. When our students go to hospitals, their professionalism and critical thinking skills stand out and make them attractive hiring candidates.”

For more information about the HFC Surgical Technology program, contact Pierson at 313-317-6598 or