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Release Date: 
Sunday, June 1, 2003

HFC Presents: Student One Acts - 2003

Event Date: 
Sun, 06/01/2003 to Mon, 06/30/2003

Ways and Means

Written By Noel Coward
Directed By Natasha Rose


  • Natasha Rose: Stella
  • Willie Kendal: Toby
  • Steffen Dziczek: Chaps
  • Wuneetha Stevens: Olive
  • Donitha Copeland: Elena
  • Alex Carr: Murdoch
  • Jennifer Gadzecki: Nanny
  • Michael Cochran: Stevens

Sexual Perversity in Chicago

Written By David Mamet
Directed By Adam Peacock


  • Steffan Dziczek: Dan
  • Adam Peacock: Dan (Understudy)
  • Alex Carr: Bernie
  • Rebecca Parker: Debbie
  • Amy Gray-Piche: Joan