HFC Presents: Peer Gynt

Release Date
Event Date

Production Information

Written by: Henrik Ibsen
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski


  • Young Peer: Brent Bradley
  • Aase, His Mother: Ann Bryne
  • Two Older Women: Honor Syer, Lisa Henderson-Irwin
  • Man's Voice: Adam Peacock
  • Aslak: Ian Simpson
  • Wedding Guests: Jim Piche, Tom Boice
  • Fiddler: Gerry Dzuiblinski
  • Master of Ceremonies: Chris Bremer
  • Mads Moen: Michael Cochran
  • Mads' father: Jim Piche
  • Solveig's Father: Adam Peacock
  • Solveig's Mother: Lisa Henderson-Irwin
  • Helga, Solveig's Sister: Maria Tejada
  • Solveig: Melissa Harrison
  • Mads' Mother: Honor Syer
  • Ingrid's Father: Gerry Dzuiblinski
  • Ingrid: Honor Syer
  • Three Herd Girls: Joanna Exkman, Honor Syer, Amy Gray
  • Woman in Green: Joanne Robertson
  • Courtier Troll: Adam Peacock
  • Troll King: Michael Ishaq
  • The Boyg: Lisa Henderson-Irwin
  • Birds: Maria Tejada
  • Kari Lisa: Henderson-Irwin
  • The Brat: Kevin Irwin
  • Older Peer: Tom Boice
  • Mr. Cotton: Jason Mercury
  • Herr Trumpeterstraale: Jim Piche
  • Msr. Ballon: Adam Peacock
  • Herr Von Eberkopf: Ian Simpson
  • Apes: Any Gray, Gerry Dzuiblinski
  • Thief: Jim Piche
  • Fence: Adam Peacock
  • Anitra: Joanna Exkman
  • Dancing Girls: Honor Syer, Alexanbdria Rattray, Melissa Harrison, Amy Gray, Maria Tejada
  • Statue: Michael Cochran
  • Dr. Begriffenfeldt: Adam Peacock
  • Asylum Keepers: Amy Gray, Gerry Dzuiblinski
  • Huhu: Michael Cochran
  • Fellah: Jim Piche
  • Jussein: Michael Ishaq
  • Captain: Ian Simpson
  • Helmsman: Adam Peacock
  • Watch: Gerrry Dzuiblinski
  • Mate: Michael Cochran
  • Cook: Jim PIche
  • Boatswain: Brent Bradley
  • Passenger: Michael Ishaq
  • Pastor: Joanne Robertson
  • Man in Gray: Jin PIche
  • Sheriff: Gerry Dzuiblinski
  • Youth: Brent Bradley
  • Dewdrops: Maria Tejada
  • Straw: Joanne Robertson
  • Leaves: Honor Syer
  • Sighing: Lisa Henderson-Irwin
  • Threadballs: Melissa Harrison
  • Button Moulder: Jasom Mercury
  • Lean Person: Chris Bremer
  • Guests At the Wedding, Trolls, Inmates, Mourners, Auction Company, Churchgoers: The Company