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Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 1, 1999

HFC Presents: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

Event Date: 
Wed, 12/01/1999 to Fri, 12/31/1999

Production Information

2000 Page Award Winners
Outstanding Achievement By A Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
Outstanding Achievement In a Drama Or Comedy: Gerry Dzublinski
Outstanding Achievement In Makeup Design: Morgan Manasa, Gerry Dzublinski

Directed by: Gerry Dzublinski

Cast and Crew

  • Julia Anderson: Housekeeper and Witch’s Troll
  • Nicki Anderosn: Wild Boar
  • Courtney Brillowsky: Ghoul
  • Deidre Ortiz-Brittan: Fenris Ulf and Orangatang
  • Julia Calcut: Unicorn
  • Shawna Farley: Mr. Beaver
  • Kate Garfield: Elf and Squirrel
  • Amy Gray: Tumnus
  • Jamie Jacobs: Walking Dead
  • Nicole Laginess: Centaur
  • Becky Mackas: Groundhog
  • Morgan Manasa: Ms. Beaver
  • Andrew McIntyre: Edmund
  • Casey McIntyre: Skunk
  • Lynn McIntyre: Racoon
  • Sean McIntyre: Baby Deer
  • Jere Ortiz: White Witch
  • Michael Overbay: Asian
  • Gregory Prusiewicz: Fox
  • Allison Reyes: Marmot
  • Joanne Robertson: Father Christmas and Badger
  • Sarah Siwik: Lucy
  • Billy Spicher: Peter
  • Corey Stempien: Susan
  • Christina Tamashunas: Dwarf