Technology and Computer Services, Media Center, and User Expectations

The Eshleman Library has more than 120 computers for use by HFC students, faculty, and staff during Library hours.

The Media Center computer lab is on the second floor of the library and has 100+ PCs, including two wheel-chair accessible stations with JAWS (Job Access with Speech), and five Macs. Headphones are available at the desk. Staff members are available to assist you with questions about computer, software, and printer use.

Media Center

Media Center services

  • Printing, copying, and scanning
  • Mac and PC availability
  • Assistance with computer software

Please be aware that the Media Center closes 10 minutes earlier than the rest of the library.

Media Center policies

  • To help students concentrate, we request that you please text rather than talking on cell phones in the Media Center. Open areas to talk are available on the main floor.
  • Please help us keep the Library clean by using covered drinks and properly disposing of your trash.
  • Group work in the lab is encouraged, but we ask you to be considerate of those around you.
  • Remember to protect your privacy! Log off as soon as you are finished with your computer work.

Reference and research help area

Reference and research help area

More than 20 computers are on the first floor near the Reference and Research Help Desk. Librarians are available for research assistance and can provide guidance on citation development, discovery of resources, and general questions.

The following software is available on the computers in the reference and research help area:

  • Microsoft Operating System
  • Microsoft Office apps including Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, SharePoint, Visio, and Word
  • Firefox, Edge, and Chrome browsers

Printers, photocopiers, scanners, and fax machines

  • Printing, photocopying, and scanning are now available in the Media Center and on the main floor of the Library near the entrance.
  • Assistance with printers is available at the Circulation Desk as well as in the Media Center.
  • We offer color printing on the main floor.
  • Students may print their schedules and financial aid letters without charge, using the computer in the printing area on the main floor.
  • Each of the computers in the Library prints to any of the three public printers. Select print, write down or take a picture of your unique print job number, then follow the prompts at the print station. You may also choose to send a confirmation email to your account.
  • You may also send a print job to our printers from anywhere off-campus. Upload the document to and obtain a document number to use on campus. These unique numbers are valid for 24 hours.
  • Printing requires a card payment. Students without a debit or credit card are welcome to add cash or change onto a free, reusable print card.
  • Black and white printing and copying on 8.5x11 paper is 10¢ per page.
  • Black and white copying on large paper is 20¢ per page.
  • Color printing and copying is $1.00 per page.
  • Users may print directly from flash drives, Google Drive, or a HawkMail account.
  • Each of the printers in the library may also be used as a photocopier. Payment is made with a debit, credit, or print card.
  • All three of the printers are able to scan documents and send the resulting .pdf file to an email address or USB drive at no charge.
  • There are two scanners in the Media Center, each attached to a Mac.
  • There is a public fax machine at the Circulation Desk.

Computer usage policies

Henry Ford College, Eshleman Library primarily serves the students, faculty, and staff of Henry Ford College in support of the College’s academic mission.

A student registered for classes in the current semester only needs their HFC username and password to log in to a computer.

Don’t know your username or password? Come to the Media Center or view HFC Username and Password Help for assistance.

Not a current student? The library has one computer with internet access available for limited use by members of the public and intended for quick reference and government documents access. Individual sessions are limited to 30 minutes per day to allow others access to this resource.

While access to computers is available at all times that the Library is open, users will be asked to complete end-of-day sessions 15 minutes prior to closing to allow the staff to complete shut-down procedures.

For your safety, the Library reserves the right to monitor and control the use of computers and other equipment at all times.

All users are expected to follow applicable legal regulations and all HFC policies relating to computer and technology usage. It is your responsibility to know and follow these regulations.

Expectations for behavior

We welcome you to use our Library resources. Following the guidelines below will provide the best experience for all patrons.

  • Place your phone on silent or vibrate, and only hold phone conversations on the first level near the copy machines or in the lobby. Text before you talk!
  • Use the first level of the Library for group work and conversations using a voice level that does not disturb your fellow students.
  • Respect your fellow students who are seeking silent study space on the second level, in the SILENT ZONE.
  • Keep your Library clean by properly disposing of your trash in the cans provided throughout the library.
  • Gum goes in the trash cans. Not on the floor.
  • Limit any food and drink to small packaged snacks and covered drinks.
  • Follow all HFC policies and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Basically, be kind and decent to others.

HFC Student Code of Conduct and Due Process Procedure

All students must follow the HFC Student Code of Conduct and Due Process Procedure and keep in mind that we value a respectful campus.

Campus Attire

Per the Student Handbook, “Students are expected to use good judgment, good taste, and decency with regard to their selection of dress (clothing).” In the Library, this includes wearing shirt and shoes at all times in the building. This requirement includes all students, student workers, faculty and staff, and campus visitors.

Safe Learning Environment

In order to provide a Library that is a safe learning environment, Library staff may:

  • Check books, backpacks, briefcases, or other such items of any person if the alarm rings when they leave the building.
  • Request to see the identification of any person in the Library.
  • Request that any person leave the building.
  • Suspend or deny Library access to services to any person, with cause to do so.
  • Monitor the use of computer workstations to ensure compliance with policies. Misuse or abuse may results in loss of computer privileges, loss of Library privileges, or civil or criminal liability.
  • Contact Campus Safety or local law enforcement if they need assistance with patron behavior.