We Value a Respectful Campus

Henry Ford College (HFC) is dedicated to the education and enrichment of our students and community. All of us are responsible to contribute to the safety and well-being of our campus environment, and to support our shared educational and cultural goals.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation in creating a respectful campus community.

Shared expectations for a respectful campus community

Be aware that public spaces are shared spaces. Behave in a respectful manner to those around you. Limit the volume of your conversations, and if you wish to listen to music or watch videos in public spaces, please use headphones.

Help keep the community safe. Be aware of your surroundings, keep an eye on your belongings, and conduct yourself in a peaceful, mature manner.

Keep public spaces clean. Just as you prefer to sit down to a clean table to eat, work, or study in a junk-free environment, please make sure public spaces are as clean as when you arrived. Dispose of any trash, and wipe down the table/chair surfaces if you spilled any food or beverage.

Take care of children. There are often children and young adults among us. Be a role model for positive, caring behavior, and make sure all children are closely supervised.

Be aware of local laws and campus policies. If you regulate your own behavior through respect and maturity, you will have no trouble complying with laws and policies. Pay particular attention to laws and policies relating to possession of alcohol (age 21+ and at limited events only) and illegal substances (prohibited).

Be respectful in the classroom. Classrooms, labs and other educational spaces are some of the core places where our mission is carried out. To support the teaching and learning process of your peers and instructors, please arrive for classes on time, turn off your phones, refrain from side conversations or other distractions, and do your best to support the educational environment.

Honor the diversity of our community. Many of the people around you will look different from you, and will believe and behave differently. The variety of backgrounds and perspectives we all bring to our community make our interactions richer and better, and allow us to learn about our world. Honor the differences among us, even when these differences are uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you.

Be mindful of your language and gestures. Supportive and respectful language is a primary goal. At a minimum, refrain from any profane, bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, or other offensive comments, gestures, or actions.

Cooperate with Campus Safety officers and other campus personnel. Campus officials are here to help and support you. It is important that you comply with their guidance and directives.

Leave your pets at home. Registered service animals are allowed on campus; all other animals should be left at home.

Refrain from smoking and tobacco use. Henry Ford College is a non-smoking environment. All smoking and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, are prohibited in all indoor and outdoor campus spaces. Smoking in private vehicles is permitted.

Help your guests cooperate with these guidelines. Everyone on campus, whether a visitor or community member, is expected to behave in a respectful, honorable manner. If you bring guests to campus, please make sure they are aware of, and willing to comply with, our community values in showing respect.

Violations of respectful campus standards

It is everyone's responsibility to create and maintain a respectful, safe environment. In some cases, it is necessary for the College to take steps to remediate situations in which disrespectful, unsafe, or disruptive behavior is occurring.

The following are representative examples of what could happen if you violate a policy or conduct rule:

Behavior Possible Outcomes (escalating from least to greatest)
Disrespectful or disruptive behavior Warning, loss of privileges, probation, suspension, ban from campus
Yelling, profanity, and disorderly conduct Warning, loss of privileges, probation, suspension, ban from campus
Making threats, roughhousing, horseplay, fighting, or damage to property Suspension, expulsion, ban from campus
Failure to comply with Campus Safety staff, instructor, or other College official Warning, loss of privileges, dismissal from class, suspension, ban from campus
Theft Suspension or expulsion

Please note that while you are entitled to due process, Campus Safety will take immediate action to remove you from campus if you are causing a threat to the safety or well-being of any member of the campus community.


Office of Campus Safety: 313-845-9630
Vice President for Student Affairs: 313-845-9610

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