EZ Pay Installment Plan

HFC's EZ Pay program makes managing your educational expenses easy, affordable, and automatic.

Enroll in EZ Pay

EZ Pay, administered by Nelnet, is a low-cost installment program that allows you to set up a personalized budgeting plan to pay your tuition and fees automatically, on a monthly schedule.

There are no loans, no credit checks, and no finance charges associated with EZ Pay. The only cost you will incur is a $30 per semester nonrefundable enrollment fee, which will be deducted within 14 days from the day you enroll.

Enroll in EZ Pay


You can set up automatic payments with a checking or savings bank account, or a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).

Enroll in EZ Pay

Cost to Enroll

  • $30 per semester (nonrefundable enrollment fee).
  • Down payment: use the EZ Pay Payment Calculator to estimate your down payment and monthly payments.

Managing EZ Pay

Log in to EZ Pay anytime to make changes to your budget plan.

Payments are automatically deducted from (or charged to) the account you designate. If your account does not have sufficient funds when the monthly payment is initiated, you will be charged $30 for each missed payment attempt.

EZ Pay Details

Payments are processed on the 5th day of each month, and you can expect to see them reflected in your student account 5 business days after the payment has been taken from your bank or credit card. Payments will continue until the EZ Pay contract balance is paid in full.

Automatic Bank Payment (ACH)

ACH payments are payments you authorize to be processed directly with your financial institution. It is simply a bank-to-bank transfer of funds; no one other than your own financial institution has access to your bank account. You determine and approve the exact amount to pay and EZ Pay will process the payment on a pre-determined date each month. Payments may be made from either your checking or savings account.


There is a $30 per semester nonrefundable enrollment fee, which will be deducted within 14 days from the day you enroll.

There is a $30 missed payment fee for each missed payment attempt. If you miss a payment, you will receive a letter from Nelnet with instructions on how the missed payment will be handled. This fee is charged to offset the fees assessed by the bank when your payment is missed.

No other fees, or interest, are part of the EZ Pay Program. The down payment and monthly payments are directly applied to your student account balance.

EZ Pay Calculator

The EZ Pay calculator will calculate the down payment and installment payments. If classes change and the amount is increased or decreased, the change will be automatically updated in the future installments.

The EZ Pay program is closed after the last EZ Pay Date of the semester. For more information, read about the program details here.