Michigan Educational Trust (MET), Company Sponsored, and Military Tuition Assistance Students: Requirements and Policies at HFC

MET agreements, company vouchers/authorization forms and military vouchers MUST be submitted every semester prior to “Payment Due Dates” to have course(s) protected from de-registration. The authorization forms and/or vouchers must have the student’s HANK ID number (no exceptions).

If the MET agreements, company vouchers/authorization or military voucher is not submitted by the deadline dates, students may be de-registered. Students are responsible for the cost of tuition until the required documentation is submitted. The student will be reimbursed for any overpayment when an invoice is paid by the sponsor. Dates for enrollment services are available from the Academic Calendar page.

MET Students:

  1. Contact a MET representative at 800-638-4543 to begin activation of MET contract funding at HFC.
  2. Students must submit a Michigan Educational Trust Contract Payment Agreement to the Cashier's Office every semester that MET will be used to cover the semester’s tuition cost. If the Cashier's Office is not notified, the student is at risk of de-registration for the semester due to non-payment.
  3. MET does not cover course and lab fees or HFC College Store purchases.
  4. If student adds additional course(s) after MET has already been billed for the semester, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Cashier's Office of additional course(s) added.
  5. MET is not billed for the student’s tuition until after the drop/add period for the semester has passed.

Company Sponsored:

Students must have completed an HFC Application for Admission to obtain a HANK ID number prior to submitting a voucher.

  1. Contact the employer’s benefits representative to obtain company vouchers or authorization letters.
  2. Make sure all vouchers are signed, dated and submitted to the Cashier's Office before scheduled “payment due” dates found in the Enrollment Services calendar available from the Academic Calendar page. Do NOT drop vouchers or authorization letters in the College’s drop box. Turn authorization letters and vouchers directly in to the Cashier's Office.
  3. All vouchers must match the semester’s schedule and courses exactly. If a student changes their schedule, a new voucher must be submitted.

Military Tuition Assistance Students

Students using Military Tuition Assistance (ArmyIgnitED, Navy College Program Tuition Assistance, MyCAA, etc.) will be processed as "Sponsored" students. Invoicing for Tuition Assistance payments is handled through the Cashier's Office. Please submit your Tuition Assistance authorization voucher to the Student Accounts Office (located in the HFC Welcome Center). The Cashier's Office contact is Dellonda Bryant. For questions or further information, contact her at 313-845-9705 or dwbryant1@hfcc.edu.

For information on Military Tuition Assistance Vouchers (ArmyIgnitED, Navy College Program, MyCAA, etc.), visit the Veterans Steps to Enrollment. For questions or further information, contact Dawn Hestand, the HFC VA Certifying Official, at veterans@hfcc.edu.

Returning Unearned Military Tuition Assistance Funds

Henry Ford College’s (HFC) return of unearned military tuition assistance (TA) funds policy is that HFC will return any unearned TA funds to the government on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided. HFC will work with any service member who stops attending due to military service obligation to identify solutions that will not result in the student incurring debt for the returned portion.

TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned to the government by HFC based upon when the student stops attending, according to the following schedules.

8-Week Course 12-Week Course 15-Week Course
Before or During Week 1: 100% Before or During Week 1: 100% Before or During Week 1: 100%
During Week 2: 75% During Weeks 2-3: 75% During Weeks 3-4: 75%
During Weeks 3-4: 50% During Weeks 4-6: 50% During Weeks 5-8: 50%
During Week 5: 40% During Weeks 7-8: 40% During Weeks 9-10: 40%
During Weeks 6-8: No Return During Weeks 9-12: No Return During Weeks 11-15: No Return