Frequently Asked Questions

Future HFC Students

I am a student in a non-traditional career. Is there any support available to help me?

The Student Outreach and Support Office (SOS) offers counseling and support groups. We'll help career education students determine eligibility for Perkins Grants. For more information, visit the Student Outreach and Support page.

I have an IEP. Can I use that at HFC?

Assisted Learning Services provides accommodations to students with disabilities to overcome barriers to education through supportive services. In addition, Assisted Learning Services provides tutoring services to students in career and technical education programs. For more information, visit the Assisted Learning Services page.

Applying to HFC

Is there any application fee?

No! There is no fee to apply for admission at Henry Ford College.


Can my parent(s) or a guest come to NSO with me?

No. Sessions are designed for students only. Parents or guardians who wish to learn about HFC and what to expect can attend the Parent Orientation session.

What if I attended a Dual Enrollment Orientation (DEO) session while in high school?

Dual enrollment students who have since graduated from high school and are now attending HFC as a traditional student ARE STILL required to complete NSO in order to be able to register for classes.

Course Waitlist

Can a waitlist become closed for a course?

Yes, a waitlist can become closed for a course section once waitlist capacity is full. You will be unable to add yourself to a closed waitlist until a seat on the waitlist becomes available.

Can I add myself to more than one waitlist for the same class?

No, you cannot add yourself to multiple waitlist for the same class. For example, if you are on the waitlist for PSY 131-66, you cannot add yourself to the waitlist for PSY 131-88.

Can I waitlist for a class that conflicts in meeting time with a class that I am already registered for?

Yes, you can waitlist for a class that conflicts in meeting day and time with a class that you have already registered. However you will not be able to add the waitlisted course if you are granted permission until you have dropped the other course that would create the day and time schedule conflict.

How do I add myself to a waitlist?

Using HFC Self-Service, you can add, register, or remove yourself from a waitlisted course.

How many classes can I waitlist for?

You can add yourself to any number of course waitlist. However, you will not be permitted to enroll in more than 18 credit hours without a petition granted by the Registration and Records Office or if you have a Business Office hold or registration restriction if a seat becomes available.

How often does the system check for open seats in waitlisted classes?

The system will run a check for open seats in waitlisted classes each evening starting on the first day of registration and ending two days prior to the start of the semester.

How will I be notified if I have been granted permission to register for a course from the waitlist?

You will receive an email from the Registration and Records Office notifying you that you have been granted permission to register for the waitlisted class, and instructions on how to register for the course. Please note, you can only register for a waitlisted course using HFC Self-Service once permission has been granted. All notification regarding waitlist status and permission to register will be sent via email.

I’m currently registered for one class section, but I would like to add myself to the waitlist for another section of the same class. Is that possible?

Yes, you can add yourself to the waitlist for another section of the same class for which you are registered. However, you are not permitted to register for two sections of the same class. If you are granted permission to register for the waitlist course, you will not be able to add the class from the waitlist until you drop the same class that you are registered for.

What happens if I add a class after I have submitted my financial aid award letter?

You will want to speak with a Financial Aid Representative anytime you make a change to your schedule to discuss how those changes might impact your Financial Aid Award. Please see the Class Schedule or visit for information on semester office hours.

What happens if I add a class from the waitlist after I have set-up my EZ Pay payment plan?

Your EZPay contract will automatically increase if you register for a waitlisted class. You will be notified by EZPay of your new monthly payment amount.

What is a course waitlist?

A course waitlist is an electronic process that allows students to add themselves to a class section waitlist to be notified and enroll if a seat becomes available in a desired class section. This allows the student to register for the class they want if a seat becomes available without having to check class availability everyday! If a seat becomes available in a class that has a waitlist, students are notified via email in the order that students signed up for the waitlist, giving students who register early a better chance of enrolling in a closed class!

When does a waitlist end?

All course waitlist will end on the last day to add classes. You can add yourself to a waitlist up to the last day to add, but once class starts permission to register can only be granted by the Academic Departments.

Will anything prevent me from adding myself to a course waitlist?

Yes, the following would prevent you from adding yourself to a course waitlist:

  • A Business Office hold
  • A Registration Office hold
  • A Library Hold
  • If you are already on a course waitlist for a different section of the same course
  • If you do not meet the pre-requisite for the class you would like to waitlist

Will I be automatically enrolled into the course from the waitlist?

If a seat becomes available and you are granted permission to register from the waitlist, it is your responsibility to register yourself for the class using HFC Self-Service.

Will I be charged the registration fee and tuition charges for classes that I have waitlisted for, but not yet registered?

No, you will not be assessed registration and tuition fees until you are actually registered in the course(s).

Will I remain on the waitlist after I enroll in the class?

No. If you register for a class from the waitlist you will no longer stay on the waitlist. Also, if you do not register for the class if granted permission from the waitlist before the expiration date and time, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Using HFC Self-Service

How do I find my 1098T Tax Form?

HFC uses Heartland ECSI to create and distribute 1098T tax forms by mail or electronically. Advantages to using Heartland ECSI include:

  • Heartland ECSI stays current with all of the federal regulations and tax codes.
  • Heartland ECSI retains tax information for three years that can be obtained electronically on the Heartland ECSI website.
  • Any lost or misplaced 1098T tax document can be recreated by visiting Heartland ECSI’s website at Heartland ECSI Student Tax Information.
  • ECSI offers assistance navigating their website at 866-428-1098.

Tax forms are mailed and available online at Heartland ECSI’s website every year by Jan. 31

Students must have a valid social security number and valid street address on their account to be eligible to receive a 1098T form. They must also add their social security number to their account.

Policies and Student Information

How do I get a library card?

Library Barcode

A library barcode gives library patrons access to check out books, materials, view databases, and utilize other Eshleman library resources.

HFC Students, Faculty, and Staff

To obtain a library barcode, please bring your valid HFC student ID. If you do not have a valid HFC ID card, please first visit the Welcome Center during business hours to obtain one. If you come to Eshleman Library before or after Welcome Center business hours, please see a Circulation or Media Center staff member.

Guests and Community Members

Anyone from the Dearborn and bordering Michigan communities is entitled to an HFC Eshleman Library Guest card. This card does not include a picture and only holds limited privileges for borrowing materials.

To obtain an HFC Eshleman Library Guest card, please come prepared with a valid government issued picture ID which has your name, current address and expiration date. If the expiration date has not passed, the card is considered valid.

How will I be notified about my academic dismissal appeal?

You will receive a letter through U.S. mail and also an email notification through the email address on file with the College.

I was told my academic dismissal appeal is approved but I have to retake 3 classes. I don't want to retake those classes. Do I have to?

Yes, to keep the appeal approval, the student must follow the conditions set forth in the appeal approval.

If I receive an appeal approval, how will I be notified?

You will receive an email and letter through U.S. mail with the approval and what courses you will be permitted to take.

Students on Academic Probation

Students on academic probation can have their probation period ended after making an appointment with an advisor or counselor to develop an improvement plan that will lead the student back to good standing. The advisor or counselor will then remove the hold when meeting with the student.

What if I don't like the academic dismissal appeal decision? Can I appeal again?

Unfortunately, no. The decision of the Scholastic Review Board is final.

What is Academic Forgiveness?

The purpose of academic forgiveness is to allow a student who has not performed well academically in the past to have a maximum of twelve (12) credit hours of “E” grades removed from their GPA. Download an application and additional information about academic forgiveness.

When will I hear the decision about my academic dismissal appeal?

The notification deadline is August 15th; however, the Scholastic Review Board is working as hard as they can to have decisions made by mid-July.

Other Questions from Current Students

I would like my parent(s) to be able to access my records at HFC. How do I give them authorization?

Complete the Authorization to Disclose form.

What is the processing time for items turned in to the Registration and Records Office?

Typical processing time is listed below; however, we work as quickly as possible to complete requests earlier.

Academic Forgiveness Request 2 weeks from receipt
Authorization to Disclose Information 2 business days from receipt
Change of Program Request 5 business days from receipt
Dual Enrollment Application and Registration 10 business days from receipt
Duplicate Diploma Request 2 weeks from receipt**
Form Completion Request 5 business days from receipt
Grade Changes 5 business days from receipt
Graduation Processing 8-12 weeks after the end of the semester
Letter Request 5 business days from receipt
MACRAO Stamp Processing 10 business days from receipt
Official Transfer Credit Evaluation and Posting 2-4 weeks from receipt
Official Transcript Request 2 business days from receipt**
Tuition Appeals 6-8 weeks from receipt

**Longer if the student's records are archived