(It’s happening 5/19): Reimagined HFC website, update #3

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The new HFC website (dubbed "HawkCentral") is coming very soon. A lot of things are new and different. It's been a long road. You can read much more about that (or not!) through the two links you'll see below.

The rest of this is for the rest of us.

TL;DR version (why does this matter?)

This project happened because we are serious about student success, and about what that looks like to you. That's actually the entire reason all of us are here. If you have ever used the existing (soon to be “old”) HFC website, you'll probably still recognize our user-focused DNA, but it will be a new generation's DNA. We will keep working to create a sense of community as you new visitors begin your journey with us, and you current users dig into our resources, events, activities, news, and other stuff.

For those few long-form readers out there: If you missed them and you want the detailed version with the charts and graphs, we still have all the research, rationale, and writing here (update 2) and here (update 1).

The main reason we took on this project, and stuck with it through so many ups and downs -- and yes, painful growth -- was to make the experience better for you. So you should find the new website more modern, more appealing, and very easy to use.

Can we talk?

The new website is fully human-developed. Sure, we used some fancy tools like Generative AI LLM’s to help us organize some things and help plan certain parts of the project. But the bottom line is we are humans, and our visitors (you) are humans. So we used tools only as helpers, in the background. There was no way we were going to let tools distract US from focusing on YOU.

So yes, we can talk, whenever you want. We invite you to tell us about your experience using the new website. There will be a form linked on every page. Please (after May 19) take a look around, tell us what you like, what's interesting, and anything that's not working the way you think it should.

As new concerns and powerful new ideas emerge, we will figure out how to use the best ones. We are calling that Phase 2 of the project. Right now we want to improve the website experience and remove barriers for all of you -- incoming students, continuing students, and finishing-up-students on your way to some really cool things.

This first phase lays the groundwork for HawkCentral's more ambitious goals.

So what's coming next?

We know the way we have organized our academic programs can still be improved, and our teammates in Academic Affairs are going to lead the way in how we categorize and present that very essential part of your college journey over the coming months.

Expect to see some continued upgrades, but don't wait for incremental improvements. Dig in now -- you'll find what you need to set the stage for a successful future, especially if you do yourself the favor of talking to your Academic Advisor Every Single Semester. (Yes, every one. Even if you know what you want to study.)

And if you have feedback, share it. If you have questions, ask. We do all this work to serve you better, and you're the expert on how that feels. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We look forward to seeing where it leads you.

Questions? Reach out to communications@hfcc.edu or a member of the Web Team.