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HFC alumnus gives back as restaurateur and city councilman

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A headshot of Gary Enos.

HFC alumnus Gary Enos loves the city of Dearborn and is always looking to give back.

Enos has lived in Dearborn since he was 10. He has been active in the Dearborn community for years as a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. The co-owner of Falls Sports Lounge in Dearborn since 1995, Enos joined the Dearborn City Council at the start of 2023. He replaces Erin Byrnes, who was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives for the 15th district in 2022, filling the vacancy on the Council.

“I love the diversity of this city. It’s very unique. Many of us grew up here and are still friends to this day. I made connections across the city with students from St. Alphonsus High School and Divine Child High School and in Dearborn Heights when I played sports in high school. People are loyal to each other here. They look out for each other. Dearborn is like a melting pot of the Midwest,” praised Enos.

An HFC dynasty spanning 3 generations

The second of three sons and the proud grandson of a World War II veteran, Enos is an alumnus of the Dearborn Public Schools, graduating from Edsel Ford High School. He began his education at HFC (then called Henry Ford Community College), where he completed coursework in liberal arts and transferred to Eastern Michigan University, where he took courses in business and education.

HFC is a family tradition for Enos. His father, Robert Enos, played baseball at HFC. His mother, Marianna Enos, is an alumna of HFC’s renowned nursing program and is still a practicing nurse after nearly 50 years, having worked for what is now Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn for 47 years. His older brother, Loren, attended HFC. His son, Sean, is currently working on his HFC associate degree in liberal arts.

“The College taught me how to study, how to be punctual, and how to take my studies seriously, especially since there’s a lot of competition,” said Enos. “You have to work hard to get ahead. The teachers prepared you – whether you planned on transferring or if you planned to go to work – they got you ready for life.”

Falls Sports Lounge keeps him connected to Dearborn

In 1995, Enos made the decision to buy the Falls Lounge, which had opened in 1953. He renamed it the Falls Sports Lounge and took on the challenge to modernize it.

“It needed a lot of hard work,” he recalled. “It took us several years to get it upgraded. We kept the name but decided to add ‘sports’ to it.”

Enos explained how his restaurant stands out from others in Dearborn, which is known for eclectic cuisine.

“We’re old school, which makes us unique. We have an old school pub feel,” he said. “We’re known for our burgers and fish. It’s a great place to watch a game and meet up with friends. You always run into somebody you know at the Lounge.”

Enos takes care of the business side of things, and also cooks and tends bar at the Lounge.

“It’s always a pleasure talking to my customers and having them tell me they had a good time at the Lounge, whether they’re regulars, people I haven’t seen in a long time, or people from out of town. It keeps me connected to the community,” said Enos.

Giving back to Dearborn on the City Council

He spoke about his decision to run for City Council.

“I’ve always wanted to give back to this city. Dearborn has done a lot for me and for my family. This is a way to pay back the city.”

His 2-year term began in January.

“So far, it’s been really exciting. I have a lot to learn. It’s not just learning one big thing, but many big things, which will take some time. In the first year, you’re learning how the job goes. There’s no training manual on how to be a member; you have to feel your way around. You have to listen and learn,” explained Enos. “I will make a lot of connections through the city and do what I can to help everyone out. I realize I can’t do everything for everybody, but I will give them a fair shake. Even when I’m no longer on the City Council and have retired from the Lounge, I plan to live in Dearborn for the rest of my life. I’ve developed many friendships and relationships with people from all over the city.”