HawkStrong: Trey Counts aspires to work with NBA athletes

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A headshot of Trey Counts.

HFC student Trey Counts dreams of a career in the National Basketball Association (NBA), but not on the basketball court.

His career goal is to become a physical therapist for NBA players and also coach high school basketball.

“I’ve always loved sports and exercise,” said Counts, of Inkster. “During high school, I did some research on careers that fit my interests.”

The youngest of four, Counts graduated from Paul K. Cousino High School in Warren, where he played basketball. After graduation, he enrolled at HFC, where he is working on his associate degree in general studies and is also a member of the Black Male and QUEENS Focus Group. Once he graduates from HFC in 2024, Counts plans to transfer to Wayne State University, where he will finish his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science.

“I decided to go to HFC, which was the closest school near me. Most classes are transferable to universities,” said Counts. “HFC has taught me how to manage my time, as well get comfortable with being slightly uncomfortable. I’ve found better ways to study each semester. Being a member of the BMQFG has motivated me to work harder in my classes and not be afraid to ask for help.”

Learning leadership

HFC instructors Dr. Michael Irowa, Dr. Adam Hazlett, Dr. Kalvin DaRonne Harvell, Keith Williams, and Jaramys Mosley have had significant influence on Counts.

“Trey was an amazing student to have in class,” said Hazlett. “He was a pleasure to work with, and his contributions to classroom discussion and analysis really assisted me in meeting the goals of the course. He is a model Hawk.”

Added Mosley: “Trey was an excellent student. He was in my general biology course. He was inquisitive, asking great questions to help gain clarity on various topics. He was helpful to his classmates in lectures and labs. He will be a leader in his career path because he already demonstrates leadership qualities.”

A very promising scholar

Counts is grateful that he attended HFC rather than immediately enrolling at a four-year university.

“I think the first year would have been ugly,” he said. “I think I would have been easily distracted and wouldn’t have the solid foundation that I do by going to HFC.”

Harvell spoke highly of Counts.

“Brother Trey is one of our most promising scholars,” said Harvell. “His work ethic embodies the [Kwanzaa] principle of Nia (purpose). He demonstrates the intentionality of excellence in both reasoning and deeds. Rather than hoping and wishing, Brother Trey puts in the work that makes success an inevitability, and he has emerged as a leader in the BMQFG. May the Ancestors be pleased!”