Release Date: 
Friday, September 24, 2021

HFC Welcomes Emad Hani Abdulaziz

Photo of Emad Hani Abdulaziz.

A little more than a year after graduating from the national award-winning Henry Ford Early College, Emad Hani Abdulaziz has accepted the position of Business Intelligence Systems Analyst at HFC.

“I first was recommended for this position by Micah Webner, one of my computer instructors at the College. It aligned perfectly with what I had already studied and had a passion for. A lot of my courses focused on manipulating and extracting data,” said Abdulaziz, of Melvindale.

The second of four brothers, Abdulaziz graduated from HFEC in 2020, earning his high school diploma and associate degree in computer information systems. Through HFC, he earned an Application Developer Certificate and a Security Fundamentals Certificate. Abdulaziz is currently studying computer engineering at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

HFEC is a partnership among HFC, Henry Ford Health System, and Dearborn Public Schools in coordination with Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency and the Michigan Board of Education. This is a 5-year program in which students can simultaneously complete high school, earn college credits leading to an associate degree, and receive certification in an allied health profession.

Making the switch: health care to technology

In Abdulaziz’s case, he originally planned to enter the healthcare industry but realized it wasn’t the right fit for him. The right fit turned out to be working with computers.

“Some of my friends were taking computer courses, so I figured, ‘Why not?’” said Abdulaziz. “I fell in love with it right away. I switched majors and never looked back.”

During his time at HFEC, Abdulaziz completed a co-op with HFC Information Technology Services, working for HFC computer tech associate Jeremy Tabor.

“I really love being able to work at the College because I’m very familiar with the campus and the people,” he said. “I had already spent 5 years there. It felt easy for me to get into the routine.”

An HFC success story

In his new position, his duties include manipulating data and getting the appropriate people across the College the information they need. He reports to Jacob Krogol, HFC's new Director of Institutional Research and Business Intelligence.

“Emad is a great example of an HFC success story,” said Dr. Lori Gonko, HFC Vice President of Strategy and Human Resources. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see a rising star like Emad graduating from one our programs and knowing that our dedicated faculty helped set him up for success. Te best part is that we get to continue to be a part of Emad’s journey as he embarks on his career.”