Release Date: 
Monday, March 30, 2020

“The perfect fit”: HFC welcomes new staff accountant

Kimberly Perlongo
Kimberly Perlongo, the new Staff Accountant in Financial Services, is also an HFC alumna.

New Staff Accountant Kimberly Perlongo, who joined HFC at the beginning of 2020, called the College the perfect fit for her and her family.

Perlongo spent her entire career in accounting in the corporate sector before returning to her alma mater and working in higher education.

“I wanted to get out of corporate. I was laid off in February of 2019, and it left me feeling lost in my career,” said Perlongo, who lives in Plymouth with her husband and two children. “In January 2020, I was hired in at HFC, which has so far given me more experience in cash accounting. I’m happy to say that HFC is the perfect fit for me and for my family.”

Glad to be back at HFC

Perlongo’s duties at the College include updating cash positioning and audit schedules, credit card and gift card administration, and internal cash audits. She will replace Tim Seguin, who retires from HFC at the end of March. In this position, she reports to Barbara Eisterhold, HFC Financial Services Coordinator.

“We’re very happy she’s joined our team,” said Eisterhold. “We enjoy working with her.”

A native of Garden City, Perlongo is an alumna of John Glenn High School. She earned her associate degree in accounting from HFC (then Henry Ford Community College) in 2009. Transferring to Eastern Michigan University, she earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2012.

“It’s great to be back at HFC,” said Perlongo. “I was well-prepared for my classes at EMU, thanks to the education I received at HFC.”