Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Campus Safety services: survey closes Dec. 1

Campus safety personnel

We are conducting an analysis of the Henry Ford College Campus Safety system.

Full details about this initiative are on our Campus Safety Service Level website.

Public conversations

We have hosted 12 public forums. If you are part of a group that would like us to present this information for discussion, please reach out to Patti Flogaus to request that we attend your meeting. The conversations last about an hour, but we can schedule for 30 minutes if that's preferable.

Each conversation will include:

  1. A presentation about our Campus Safety system and its services, and what our data and experiences tell us about the safety and security needs of our campuses.

  2. An opportunity for discussion for you to ask questions and make comments.

  3. An opportunity to fill out an anonymous survey about our Campus Safety system and services. I am specifically organizing the survey so that no person, including me, can see the identity of any responders.

Share your perspectives. Fill out our survey.

We are asking everyone on campus to consider completing our survey. The survey is anonymous. The online version is preferred, because it is easier for us to collect and analyze the data. However, we will provide paper copies for individuals who prefer that format.

Thank you for helping us consider this important decision for our campus community. We will publish a list of the task force members and relevant documents on our website, and we will provide a link to the survey, which will be online next week.

The result of this analysis will be a recommendation that I will make to the Board of Trustees about whether HFC Campus Safety system should remain as it is or be adjusted.

Background information

Some of the factors we are considering in this analysis include:

  1. What our current Campus Safety services are, and how they compare to similar regional institutions.
  2. The number of HFC personnel and the number of contract security personnel we employ, and what their respective duties are and should be.
  3. Whether some or all of our Campus Safety officers should have arrest authority.
  4. Whether some or all of our Campus Safety officers should carry firearms.
  5. The unique nature of our campus population, and how our community might be affected by any changes in our Campus Safety department.

We recognize that any changes to our current Campus Safety system will have both intended and unintended effects.

The Campus Safety system is designed to serve you. So we need to know what you think and feel about whether our Campus Safety system is meeting the educational, safety, and security needs of our College.


If you have questions about the process or the forums, please contact one of the task force leaders:

• Chair Daniel Herbst, Vice President for Student Affairs:
• Karen Schoen, Campus Safety Manager:
• Rhonda DeLong, Director of Marketing and Communications: