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Sociology examines human societies, behavior, and culture. The field focuses on major areas of social life
and institutions such as the economy, family, mass media, and religion. Sociology places an emphasis on
the influence of economic class, race/ethnicity, and gender in understanding how people see the world and
in how people have different levels of power within a society.

SOC 131-Introduction to Sociology provides an overview of the field. Students learn to analyze how
societies and groups shape the ways that people act and think. For students wishing more in-depth
exploration of sociology, the College offers SOC 132-Marriage and the Family, SOC 151-Contemporary
Social Problems, SOC 152-Women, Men, and Society, SOC 251- Ethnic and Racial Diversity and SOC
254/PSY 254-Social Psychology.

Sociology courses at the 100 level or above fulfill the graduation requirements for Associate in Arts and
Associate of Science degrees, in Group III - Social Sciences. SOC 131-Introduction to Sociology also fulfills
the General Education Outcome on American Society, Events, Institutions and Cultures.