EMS 109 EMT-Basic Clinical Externship

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Course Description: 

Provides a structured clinical experience in the hospital and in the prehospital emergency medical service environment. Focuses on providing an opportunity to demonstrate learned assessment skills in real-life situations under appropriate supervision. Course meets the recommendations of the National Department of Transportation for EMT- Basics. NOTE: Successful completion of this course is required for individuals to be eligible to take the National Registry Certifying Exam for EMT-Basics; this exam is not included in this course. (Due to the nature of this course, all students must have completed the Health Careers medical packet, criminal background clearance, and provide proof of health insurance prior to attending clinical. Students must also provide proof of a current Healthcare Provider CPR card from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross prior to attending clinical rotations.)

COMPASS Reading score of 82 or better. Writing scores sufficient for ENG 131 placement. Writing requirement may also be fulfilled by successful completion of the required developmental English courses.
EMS 100, EMS 107
Prior College-level Learning Credit: 
This course is eligible for credit for prior college-level learning. Please contact the division for details.