Course Descriptions

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  • This listing is part of the 2016-17 HFC Catalog, effective Fall 2016 to Summer 2017.
  • Students admitted prior to the current catalog should consult the catalog version used to establish their program requirements.
Course NumberCourse Title
ACT 101Fundamentals of Architecture
ACT 104Community Construction Applications
ACT 108Deconstruction
ACT 109Residential Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
ACT 112Computers in Architecture
ACT 116Basic Architectural CAD
ACT 124Construction Systems 1
ACT 128Visual Communications 1
ACT 136Intermediate Architectural CAD
ACT 150Residential Detailing
ACT 175Environmental Building Systems
ACT 190Co-op in Architecture Construction Technology
ACT 205Advanced Architectural CAD
ACT 211Commercial Construction Systems
ACT 222Sustainable Residential Design
ACT 224Construction Systems 2
ACT 228Visual Communications 2
ACT 233Commercial Detailing
ACT 246Construction Estimating
ACT 260Commercial Design Development
ACT 290Co-op in Architecture Construction Technology
ACT 297Special Topics in Architecture/Construction
ACT 298Special Topics in Architecture/Construction
AH 100Medical Terminology
AH 105Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
AH 116Interpreting Medical Lab Reports
AH 120Pharmacology for Allied Health
AH 128Dynamics of Dementia
AH 131Medico Legal Principles for Health Care Practitioners
AH 135Fundamental Concepts of Cancer and Cancer Care
AH 141Introduction to Public Health
AH 145Culture-Sensitive Healthcare
ANTH 131Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 151Cultures of North America
ANTH 152Middle Eastern Peoples and Cultures
ANTH 153Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 154Food, Culture, and Economy
ARA 130Pre-Elementary Arabic
ARA 131Elementary Arabic I
ARA 132Elementary Arabic II
ARA 141Elementary Arabic Conversation
ARA 231Second-Year Arabic III
ARA 232Second-Year Arabic IV
ARA 290Study Abroad in Arabic Language and Culture
ARA 295Directed Study in Arabic
ARA 296Directed Study in Arabic
ARA 297Directed Study in Arabic
ART 101Two-Dimensional Design
ART 102Drawing I
ART 105Three-Dimensional Design
ART 107Photoshop
ART 108Introduction to Animation
ART 110InDesign
ART 112Drawing II
ART 113Life Drawing I
ART 114Graphic Design Studio 1
ART 115Intermediate Perspective
ART 116Painting I
ART 118Watercolor I
ART 119Art Education for the Elementary Teacher
ART 121Art History Survey I (Pre-historic to Medieval)
ART 122Art History Survey II
ART 123History of Modern Art
ART 130History of Graphic Design
ART 135Art Appreciation
ART 141Ceramics 1
ART 142Ceramics 2
ART 150Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 165Typography
ART 172Color Theory
ART 2093-D Animation
ART 213Life Drawing II
ART 214Graphic Design Studio 2
ART 216Painting II
ART 221Medieval Art
ART 224Art of Islam
ART 225Asian Art: Art of India and Southeast Asia
ART 226African and Afro American Art
ART 227History of Arab Art and Architecture
ART 230Motion Graphics
ART 234Topics in Art
ART 242Ceramics 3
ART 245Interactive Design
ART 250Intermediate Digital Photography
ART 255Animation Basics
ART 261Intermediate Black and White Photography
ART 265Illustration
ART 275Advanced Projects
ART 2901Directed Study Art History
ART 2902Directed Study Art History
ART 290Study Abroad in Art History
ART 2913Directed Study in Painting
ART 2923Directed Study in Watercolor
ART 2933Directed Study in Drawing
ART 2936Topics in Studio Art
ART 2953Advanced Study in Ceramics
ASL 130Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community
ASL 131Elementary American Sign Language I
ASL 132Elementary American Sign Language II
ASL 135Fingerspelling and Numbering
ASL 231Second-Year American Sign Language III
ASL 232Second-Year American Sign Language IV
ASTR 131Descriptive Astronomy
ASTR 133Introductory Astronomy Laboratory
ASTR 231General Astronomy
ATMS 131Weather and Climate
AUTO 101Automotive Fundamentals
AUTO 102Related Technical Automotive
AUTO 105Internal Combustion Engines
AUTO 108Basic Automotive Electricity
AUTO 110Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO 120Automotive Fuel Management Systems
AUTO 131Automotive Ignition Systems
AUTO 132Computer Ignition Systems
AUTO 135Mathematics for the Technician
AUTO 140Automotive Transmissions Systems
AUTO 142Electronically Controlled Transmission/Transaxles
AUTO 145Manual Transmissions and Transaxles
AUTO 150Automotive Diagnosis and Engine Evaluation
AUTO 160Automotive Chassis Units
AUTO 162Antilock Brake Systems
AUTO 165Electronic Steering and Suspension
AUTO 167Brake Clinic
AUTO 181Technical Automotive Welding
AUTO 187Automotive Engine Tune-up
AUTO 190Co-op in Automotive Technology
AUTO 191Automotive Service Co-op
AUTO 192Automotive Service Co-op
AUTO 215Automotive Engine Dynamometer
AUTO 217Automotive Alignment Clinic
AUTO 224Automotive Air Conditioning
AUTO 225Automotive Air Conditioning
AUTO 227Automotive Air Conditioning Clinic
AUTO 230Automotive Diesel Principles
AUTO 231Diesel Engine Performance and Diagnosis
AUTO 237Computerized Engine/Vehicle Emission Control
AUTO 247Automotive Emission Controls
AUTO 260Alternative Automotive Propulsion Systems
AUTO 267Small Engines
AUTO 287Advanced Automotive Tune-up
AUTO 290Co-op in Automotive Technology
AUTO 291Automotive Service Co-op
AUTO 292Automotive Service Co-op
AUTO 293Automotive Technology-Service Experience Laboratory I
AUTO 294Automotive Technology-Service Experience Laboratory II
AUTO 297Special Topics in Automotive Technology
AUTO 298Special Topics in Automotive Technology
BAC 110Practical Accounting
BAC 112Bookkeeping
BAC 120Introduction to Payroll Accounting
BAC 131Introduction to Financial Accounting
BAC 132Introduction to Managerial Accounting
BAC 141Computerized Accounting - QuickBooks
BAC 146Computerized Accounting—Peachtree
BAC 231Asset Accounting
BAC 234Equity Accounting
BAC 235Tax Accounting
BAC 262Cost Accounting
BBA 110Business Language Skills
BBA 131Introduction to Business
BBA 133Business Behavior and Communication
BBA 153Customer Service
BBA 159Contact Center/Help Desk Practicum
BBA 164Introduction to Industrial Distribution
BBA 231Business Office Communications
BBA 235Office Administration Practicum
BBA 250International Business
BBA 252Principles of Marketing
BBA 290Study Abroad in International Business
BCA 090Basic Elements of Computers and Software
BCA 101Computer Keyboarding
BCA 125Introduction to the Internet and Web Pages
BCA 140Software Applications
BCA 143Word Processing
BCA 145Spreadsheets
BCA 147Database Applications
BCA 152Presentation Software
BCA 165Microsoft Project Software for Business Solutions
BCO 190Co-op in Business
BCO 191Co-op in Business
BCO 290Co-op in Business
BEC 133Basic Economics
BEC 151Principles of Macroeconomics
BEC 152Principles of Microeconomics
BFN 130Beginning Investment
BFN 141Personal Finance
BFN 253Principles of Finance
BIO 110Biotechnology and Human Affairs
BIO 130Evolution and Behavior
BIO 131Introduction to Biology
BIO 134Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 135Microbiology for the Allied Health Sciences
BIO 138Environmental Science Lecture
BIO 139Environmental Science Laboratory
BIO 143Zoology
BIO 150Biology: Organisms, Genes, and Ecology
BIO 152Cells and Molecular Biology
BIO 233Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 234Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 251Microbiology
BIO 261Nucleic Acids
BIO 262Proteins
BIO 263Biotechnology Internship
BLW 253Business Law and the Legal Environment
BMA 110Business Math
BSC 110Introduction to Supply Chain Management
BSC 120Technical Foundations of Logistics
BSC 230Logistics and Distribution Strategy
BSC 240Operations and Supply Chain Management
BSC 250Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
BSC 260Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
CHD 201Child Development: Introduction to Creative Child Care
CHD 202Child Development CDA Portfolio/Assessment Preparation
CHD 205Infant/Toddler Care and Development
CHD 206Introduction to Preschool Development and Care
CHD 211Exploring Early Childhood Programs-Field Experience
CHD 215Nurturing Infant & Toddler Relationships-Practicum
CHD 231Inquiry-Based Preschool Curriculum
CHD 232Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education
CHD 233Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education Practicum
CHD 234Preschool Curriculum-Practicum
CHD 241Developmentally-Appropriate Practices in Child Care Center Administration
CHD 242Language and Literacy Experiences for Young Children: Birth-5
CHEM 091Preparatory Chemistry
CHEM 111Chemical Skills for Pre-Professional Programs
CHEM 131Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 132Principles of Organic and Biological Chemistry
CHEM 141Principles of General and Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 142Principles of General and Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM 151Chemical Instrumentation and Laboratory Techniques
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 243Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 244Microscale Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHN 130Pre-Elementary Mandarin Chinese
CHN 131Elementary Mandarin Chinese
CHN 132Elementary Mandarin Chinese II
CHN 141Elementary Chinese Conversation
CHN 290Study Abroad in Chinese Language and Culture
CHN 295Directed Study in Chinese
CHN 296Directed Study in Chinese
CHN 297Directed Study in Chinese
CIMEL 100Intro to Basic Electricity
CIMEL 101Instruments
CIMEL 102Control Circuits and Components
CIMEL 103Solid State Devices
CIMEL 104Controls and Instrumentation—Fundamentals
CIMEL 105Sensors and Photoeyes
CIMEL 106Calibration and Loop Training
CIMEL 107Final Control Elements
CIMEL 108Introduction to PLCs
CIMEL 109PLC Hardware and Software
CIMEL 110Programming PLCs
CIMEL 111PLC Communication
CIMEL 112Introduction to Robotics
CIMEL 113Programming/Editing Robots
CIMEL 114Robot Maintenance and PM
CIMEL 115Error Codes and Troubleshooting
CIMEL 116Integration of PLCs and Robots
CIMEL 117Introduction to Siemens PLCs
CIMEL 118Operation and Introduction to Programming of the Siemens Programmable Controller
CIMEL 119Siemens PLC Programming
CIMEL 120Siemens Programmable Logic Controller Communications
CIMHP 111Fundamentals of Fluid Power and Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics
CIMHP 112Flow, Directional, and Pressure Control Valves
CIMHP 113Pumps, Actuators, and Accumulators
CIMHP 114Reservoirs, Fluids, and Filters
CIMHP 115Hose, Piping, and Tubing
CIMHP 116Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics
CIMHP 117Systems and System Troubleshooting
CIMMT 100Intro to Machining Operations
CIMMT 101Measuring and Layout Tools
CIMMT 102Hand and Power Tools
CIMMT 103Power Saws and Drill Presses
CIMMT 104Engine Lathe Operation
CIMMT 105Vertical Mill Operations
CIMPR 100Drafting Fundamentals
CIMPR 101Orthographic Interpretation
CIMTA 100Basic OSHA Safety
CIMTA 101First Aid, CPI, and AED
CIMTA 102Hoists and Cranes
CIMTA 103Rigging Awareness and Fundamentals
CIMTA 104Basic Preventive Maintenance
CIMTA 105Advanced Technologies
CIMTA 106Basic Mechanical Power Systems
CIMTA 107Flexible Drives
CIMTA 108Couplings and Alignment
CIMTA 109Bearing, Shafts, and Seals
CIMTA 110Brakes and Clutches
CIMTA 111Gears and Cams
CIMTA 112System Technology
CIMWD 100Weld Joint Design and Preparation (Safety/Joint Design)
CIMWD 101Weld Joint Design and Preparation (Welding Code, Weld Measurement, and Hand Tools)
CIMWD 102Weld Joint Design and Preparation (Material Cutting, Grinding, and Fabrication)
CIMWD 110Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Flat and Horizontal Welding)
CIMWD 111Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Vertical Welding)
CIMWD 112Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Overhead Welding)
CIMWD 120Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Safety and Technology)
CIMWD 121Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Steel and Stainless Steel-Flat and Horizontal Welding)
CIMWD 122Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Steel and Stainless Steel Vertical)
CIMWD 123Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Aluminum)
CIMWD 130Gas Metal Arc Welding (Flat and Horizontal)
CIMWD 131Gas Metal Arc Welding (Vertical and Overhead Welding)
CIMWD 140Weld Metallurgy (Ferrous Metals)
CIMWD 141Weld Metallurgy (Non-Ferrous Metals)
CIMWD 142Weld Metallurgy (Weld Testing)
CIMWD 210Pipe Welding (2G and 5G Welding)
CIMWD 211Pipe Welding (6G Welding)
CIMWD 212Pipe Welding (Socket and Flange Welding)
CIMWD 220Tool and Die Welding (Technology)
CIMWD 221Tool and Die Welding (GTAW)
CIMWD 222Tool and Die Welding (SMAW)
CIMWD 230Shielded Metal Arc Welding AWS Certification (Preparation and Practice)
CIMWD 231Shielded Metal Arc Welding AWS Certification (Practical)
CIMWD 240Gas Tungsten Arc Welding AWS Certification (Preparation and Practice)
CIMWD 241Gas Tungsten Arc Welding AWS Certification (Practical)
CIMWD 250Gas Metal Arc Welding AWS Certification (Preparation and Practice)
CIMWD 251Gas Metal Arc Welding AWS Certification (Practical)
CIMWD 260Welding Fabrication Project (Planning and Design)
CIMWD 261Welding Fabrication Project (Fabricate)
CIMWD 262Welding Fabrication Project (Assembly)
CIS 100Introduction to Information Technology
CIS 105Desktop Operating System Concepts
CIS 109Apple Support
CIS 111SQL for Database Development
CIS 112Introduction to Networking
CIS 113Wireless LANs
CIS 114Introduction to Novell NetWare Administration
CIS 121Introduction to the Internet
CIS 122Web Internet Technologies
CIS 123Web Pages
CIS 124Introduction to Windows Server Administration
CIS 125Principles of Programming Logic
CIS 126HTML/CSS Web Programming
CIS 129Introduction to UNIX with Shell Scripting
CIS 130C# Programming
CIS 132Active Server Pages.Net Programming
CIS 157A+ Hardware
CIS 158A+ Operating Systems
CIS 160COBOL Programming
CIS 162Perl Programming
CIS 170C Programming
CIS 171Java Programming
CIS 172JavaScript
CIS 175Digital Forensics I
CIS 186Game Programming
CIS 190Co-op in Computer Information Systems
CIS 211Web Server Administration
CIS 212Networking II
CIS 215Advanced Visual Basic.Net Database Programming
CIS 220Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 221Instructional Technology for Elementary Teachers
CIS 222Web Database Development with PHP
CIS 223Instructional Technology for Secondary Teachers
CIS 225Web Frameworks
CIS 227Web Authoring
CIS 229UNIX System Administration
CIS 230C++ Programming
CIS 232Advanced C# Database Programming
CIS 235Advanced Flash
CIS 242Voice Over IP (VoIP)
CIS 244NAS and Virtualization
CIS 270Oracle Database Administration
CIS 271Advanced Java
CIS 272Project Management
CIS 275Digital Forensics II
CIS 280Information Assurance and Security
CIS 290Co-op in Computer Information Systems
CIS 294Software Engineering
CIS 295Network Design and Implementation
CIS 296Information Assurance Methodology
CIS 297Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
CIS 298Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
CIS 299Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
CLT 100Computer Literacy Test
CNT 103Network Infrastructure
CNT 106IT Essentials
CNT 110CCNA: Networking I
CNT 120CCNA: Networking II
CNT 210CCNA: Networking III
CNT 215Health Information Networking
CNT 220CCNA: Networking IV
CNT 260Network Security
CNT 270CCNA Security
CNT 291CCNP - Routing
CNT 293CCNP - Switching
CNT 295CCNP - Network Troubleshooting
COLL 101College Success
COMM 190Co-op in Communications
COMM 290Co-op in Communications
COUN 110Human Potential Seminar
COUN 111Advanced Human Potential Seminar
COUN 114Stress Management - A Personal Approach
COUN 115Assertiveness Training
COUN 116Assertiveness in Daily Living
COUN 118Assertiveness at Work
COUN 119Issues in Personal Growth
COUN 120Career Exploration
COUN 125Life Work Planning
COUN 127Job Interview Counseling
COUN 128Active Parenting
COUN 129Personality Type and Success
CRJ 126Introduction to Homeland Security
CRJ 131Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
CRJ 132Police Administration – Staff and Line Operations
CRJ 134Criminal Investigation
CRJ 135Juvenile Justice
CRJ 136Introduction to Corrections
CRJ 138Probation and Parole
CRJ 140Identity Theft: Prevention and Awareness
CRJ 141Corrections Clients – Human Growth and Development
CRJ 234Criminalistics: Criminal Investigation Laboratory Techniques
CRJ 251Criminal Law
CRJ 252Criminal Procedure
CRJ 253Legal Issues in Corrections/Probation and Parole
CRJ 285Topics in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
CRJ 286Topics in Corrections/Probation and Parole
CRJ 287Police Academy
CRJ 291Criminal Justice Internship 1
CRJ 292Criminal Justice Internship 2
DNCA 121Beginning Tap
DNCA 131Beginning Latin and Ballroom Dance
DNCA 132Intermediate Latin and Ballroom Dance
DNCA 133Advanced Latin and Ballroom Dance
DNCA 141Beginning Ballet
DNCA 142Intermediate Ballet
DNCA 143Advanced Ballet
DNCA 151Beginning Modern Dance
DNCA 152Intermediate Modern Dance
DNCA 153Advanced Modern Dance
DNCA 161Beginning Jazz Dance
DNCA 162Intermediate Jazz Dance
DNCA 163Advanced Jazz Dance
DNCA 221College Dance Company I
DNCA 222College Dance Company II
DNCA 223College Dance Company III
DNCA 224College Dance Company IV
DNCA 230Beginning Choreography
DNCA 253Advanced Modern Dance
DRAF 110Introduction to Industrial Drafting
DRAF 120Introduction to CAD
DRAF 122SolidWorks Level I - Introduction
DRAF 123Introduction to CATIA V5
DRAF 124SolidWorks Level II - Advanced
DRAF 126SolidWorks Level III - Applications
DRAF 130Technical Descriptive Geometry
DRAF 131UG NX Level 1 - Introduction
DRAF 132UG NX Level II - Intermediate
DRAF 133UG NX Level III - Advanced
DRAF 134UG NX Level IV - Applications
DRAF 142Industrial Detailing
DRAF 210Die Design
DRAF 220Machine Element Drafting
DRAF 230Jigs, Fixtures, and Tools
DRAF 240Product Drawing
DRAF 255Advanced Techniques
DRAF 260Advanced CAD Applications Solid Modeling
DRAF 297Special Topics in Industrial Drafting Technology
DRAF 298Special Topics in Industrial Drafting Technology
EDU 201Introduction to Education
EDU 202Introduction to Education Practicum
EDU 260History and Civics in Elementary Schools
ELEC 103Basic Electricity
ELEC 106Basic Electronics
ELEC 115Digital Circuits 1
ELEC 120Basic Hydraulics
ELEC 145AC/DC Rotating Machinery
ELEC 155Analog Electronics 1
ELEC 185Pneumatics
ELEC 195AC/DC Circuit Analysis
ELEC 200Ladder Diagrams and Motor Controls
ELEC 245Programmable Controllers
ELEC 255Instrumentation Systems
ELEC 260Automation Controls and Robotics
ELEC 281Automation/Robotics 2
ELEC 283Instrumentation/LabVIEW 2
ELEC 290Co-op in Electrical Technology
ELEC 295Microprocessor Systems
ELEC 297Special Topics in Electrical Technology
ELEC 298Special Topics in Electrical Technology
ELI 101RELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 1
ELI 101WELL Writing & Grammar 1
ELI 102RELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 2
ELI 102WELL Writing & Grammar 2
ELI 103RELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 3
ELI 103WELL Writing & Grammar 3
ELI 104RELL Reading & Listening/Speaking 4
ELI 104WELL Writing & Grammar 4
ELI 105RELL Reading & Study Skills 5
ELI 105WELL Writing & Grammar 5
ELI 106RELL Reading & Study Skills 6
ELI 106WELL Writing & Grammar 6
ELI 107TELL TOEFL Preparation
ELI 108PELL Pronunciation and Conversation
ELI 109GELL Grammar Power
EMS 100EMT-Basic Fundamentals
EMS 107Basic Procedures Lab
EMS 109EMT-Basic Clinical Externship
EMS 200Paramedic I
EMS 206Paramedic Procedures Lab I
EMS 210Paramedic II
EMS 216Paramedic Procedures Lab II
EMS 220Paramedic III
EMS 226Paramedic Procedures Lab III
EMS 230Paramedic IV
EMS 240Paramedic V
EMS 290Advanced Clinical I
EMS 295Advanced Clinical II
EMS 299Advanced Clinical III
ENG 073ELL TOEFL Preparation
ENG 074ELL Grammar Power
ENG 075ELL Pronunciation and Conversation
ENG 079Basic Reading
ENG 081Developmental College Reading
ENG 082Academic Reading, Speaking, and Listening for the English Language Learner
ENG 086College Writing Laboratory
ENG 088Basic Writing: Sentences to Paragraphs
ENG 092Basic Writing for the English Language Learner: Paragraphs to Essays
ENG 093Basic Writing: Paragraphs to Essays
ENG 094Accelerated Learning Program (ALP): Reading and Writing
ENG 120Grammar Essentials
ENG 121Assisting with Elementary Reading
ENG 131Introduction to College Writing
ENG 131AIntroduction to College Writing (ALP)
ENG 131H(Honors): Introduction to College Writing
ENG 132College Writing and Research
ENG 132H(Honors): College Writing and Research
ENG 135Business and Technical Writing and Research
ENG 139Creative Writing
ENG 231Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama
ENG 232Introduction to the Short Story
ENG 233Introduction to the Novel
ENG 234Topics in Literature
ENG 235American Literature Before 1900
ENG 236American Autobiography
ENG 237American Literature Since 1900
ENG 239Reading in Modern American Poetry
ENG 241Shakespeare
ENG 243Women’s Lives in Literature
ENG 245The Bible as Literature
ENG 246Introduction to Children’s Literature
ENG 248African American Literature
ENG 295Directed Study in English
ENG 296Directed Study in English
ENG 297Directed Study in English
ENGR 101Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
ENGR 102Principles of Engineering (POE)
ENGR 103Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)
ENGR 104Digital Electronics (DE)
ENGR 106Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
ENGR 107Aerospace Engineering
ENGR 108Engineering Design and Development
ENGR 130Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 201Science of Materials
ENGR 232Statics
ENGR 233Dynamics
ENGR 240Circuits
ENGT 245Applied Statics
ENGT 250Machine Elements Design
ENGT 265Mechanical Senior Project
ENT 100Basic Workplace Skills
ENT 101Introduction to Energy Technology
ENT 103AC and DC Electricity
ENT 104Heating Technology
ENT 105Introduction to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating (RACH)
ENT 106Sheet Metal Fabrication
ENT 108Introduction to Heating and Cooling Codes
ENT 109HVAC Installation and Start-Up
ENT 113Refrigeration Technology
ENT 119Air Conditioning Technology
ENT 124Construction Blueprint Reading
ENT 125Steam and Hot Water Heating Systems
ENT 141Power Engineering I Energy Conversion Fundamentals
ENT 145Power Engineering II Boilers and Auxiliaries
ENT 196Energy Technology Independent Study
ENT 212Commercial Heating
ENT 216Light Commercial Refrigeration
ENT 219RACH Light Commercial Systems
ENT 230Michigan Mechanical Contractor - License Preparation
ENT 235Power-Facilities Controls Calibration
ENT 252Green Building Strategies
ENT 255Green Building Certification Preparation
ENT 256Power Engineering III Steam Plant Systems-Equipment
ENT 259Power Engineering IV - Plant/Building Operations and Maintenance
ENT 260Energy Systems Management
ENT 265Energy Systems Design
ENT 269Energy Technology Project Management
ENT 297Special Topics in Energy Technology
ENT 298Special Topics in Energy Technology
FRE 131Elementary French I
FRE 132Elementary French II
FRE 141Elementary French Conversation
FRE 231Second-Year French III
FRE 232Second-Year French IV
FRE 290Study Abroad in French Language and Culture
FRE 295Directed Study in French
FRE 296Directed Study in French
FRE 297Directed Study in French
GEOG 131Principles of Physical Geography
GEOG 132World Regional Geography
GEOG 138Geography of Michigan
GEOG 221Geography of the Middle East
GEOG 231Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOL 131Physical Geology
GER 131Elementary German I
GER 132Elementary German II
GER 141Elementary German Conversation
GER 231Second-Year German III
GER 232Second-Year German IV
GER 290Study Abroad in German Language and Culture
GER 295Directed Study in German
GER 296Directed Study in German
GER 297Directed Study in German
GIS 131Geospatial Technologies
HCS 103Employment Skills for Health Careers
HCS 124Basic Health Assessment
HCS 131Computers in Health Care
HIST 111Ancient World History
HIST 112Medieval-Early Modern World History
HIST 113Modern World History
HIST 151American History I
HIST 152American History II
HIST 222History of Rome, 753 BCE-500 CE
HIST 226History of England to 1688
HIST 239Colonial America
HIST 243African-American History
HIST 248Coming to the New World: American Ethnic and Immigration History from First Nations to the Present
HIST 250American Labor History
HIST 252History of Women in the United States
HIST 254History of Michigan
HIST 256Sea Power! A History of the U.S. Navy and American Maritime Heritage
HIST 258The Revolutionary War Era
HIST 261The Modern Middle East
HIST 268The History of Sports in America
HIST 270The American Civil War
HIST 273American Social History Since 1875
HIST 281The Global Cold War, 1917-1991
HIST 283The United States and the Cold War, 1917-1991
HIST 285The United States and the Second World War
HIST 286The United States and the Vietnam War
HIST 295Directed Study
HIST 296Directed Study
HIST 297Directed Study
HIT 150Basic Coding: Theory and Practice
HIT 230Ambulatory Coding
HON 151Honors Colloquium: History and Culture of Detroit
HON 161Honors Colloquium
HON 231Honors Directed Study
HON 232Honors Directed Study
HON 233Honors Directed Study
HON 234Honors Directed Study
HON 235Honors Directed Study Abroad
HON 236Honors Directed Study - Service Learning
HON 251Great Works
HOSP 101Wines of the World
HOSP 103Major Wines Grape Varieties
HOSP 105Applied Food Service Sanitation
HOSP 107Artisanal Cheese and Craft Beer
HOSP 145Ice Carving and Design
HOSP 190Co-op in Hospitality
HOSP 211Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 215International Cooking
HOSP 220Introduction to Baking and Cooking
HOSP 221Front Office Procedures and Guest Services
HOSP 224Culinary Skills and Nutritional Cooking
HOSP 226Fundamentals of Baking
HOSP 235Ice Carving for the Professional
HOSP 245Hotel and Restaurant Desserts
HOSP 250Hospitality and Travel Marketing
HOSP 251Dining Room Service and Operations
HOSP 255Professional Cake Decorating
HOSP 270Facilities Management
HOSP 290Co-op in Hospitality
HOSP 309Meetings and Event Planning
HOSP 310Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
HOSP 325Dining Room Captain
HOSP 330Food and Nutrition
HOSP 331Modern and European Pastry
HOSP 340A' la Carte and Buffet Cookery
HOSP 341Garde Manger and Menu Planning
HOSP 360Hospitality Purchasing
HOSP 370Food and Beverage Controls
HOSP 421Professional Strategies for Culinarians
HOSP 490Co-Op in Culinary Arts
HPE 140Lifetime Wellness
HPE 141Introduction to Health and Wellness
HPE 142Advanced First Aid
HPE 150Exercise Physiology
HPE 151Methods for Teaching Exercise
HPE 152Tests and Measurements
HPE 153Nutrition
HPE 154Facilities and Equipment
HPE 156Personal Training
HPE 158Introduction to Nutrition
HPE 192Internship in Physical Education
HPE 253Nutrition for the Professional
HPE 260Nutrition, Health, and Physical Education for the Classroom Teacher
HPE 265Sports Psychology
HPEA 104Basketball I
HPEA 105Bowling I
HPEA 106Golf I
HPEA 109Tennis I
HPEA 110Volleyball I
HPEA 117Strength Training and Physical Conditioning I
HPEA 120Lifetime Fitness
HPEA 121Pilates
HPEA 122Yoga-Based Fitness
HPEA 126Aerobic Dance
HPEA 127Aquacise
HPEA 155Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management
HPEA 204Basketball II
HPEA 205Bowling II
HPEA 206Golf II
HPEA 209Tennis II
HPEA 210Volleyball II
HPEA 217Strength Training and Physical Conditioning II
HUM 101Introduction to the Humanities
HUM 250Visual and Performing Arts for Teachers
ICO 190Co-op in Industrial Technology
ICO 290Co-op in Industrial Technology
INTR 120Manual Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers
INTR 130Intro to CAD for Interior Design
INTR 131Advanced CAD for Interior Design
INTR 180Design and User Needs
INTR 181Principles of Design
INTR 182Interior Design Materials and Components
INTR 183Perspective Drawing and Rendering
INTR 185Kitchen and Bath Materials and Estimating
INTR 187Computer Drafting for Kitchen and Bath
INTR 250Kitchen Design Studio
INTR 251Bath Design Studio
INTR 255Advanced Kitchen and Bath Studio
INTR 2626Special Topics in Interior Design
INTR 280History of Design - Antiquities to Present
INTR 281Residential Design Studio
INTR 283Lighting and Environmental Systems for Interiors
INTR 284Commercial Design Studio
INTR 285Professional Practice for Interior Designers
INTR 287Interior Design Synthesis
INTR 294Kitchen and Bath Internship
INTR 2993Advanced Study in Interior Design
ITAL 131Elementary Italian I
ITAL 132Elementary Italian II
ITAL 141Elementary Italian Conversation
ITAL 290Study Abroad in Italian Language and Culture
ITAL 296Directed Study in Italian
ITAL 297Directed Study in Italian
JOUR 131News Writing
JOUR 132Advanced News Writing
JOUR 295Business Manager
JOUR 296Copy Editor
JOUR 297Layout Editor
JOUR 298Creative and Online Editor
JOUR 299Editor in Chief
MATH 010Algebra Skills Review
MATH 074Prealgebra
MATH 0771Whole Numbers, Integers, and Introduction to Algebra
MATH 0772Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Fractions with Variables
MATH 0773Decimals, Ratios, Proportions, and Percents
MATH 0774Measurement, Geometry, Statistics, and Real Numbers
MATH 080Beginning Algebra
MATH 081Mathematical Literacy for College Students
MATH 0891Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equations and Inequalities
MATH 0892Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
MATH 0893Systems of Linear Equations
MATH 0894Exponents and Polynomials
MATH 100Basic Technical Mathematics
MATH 101Mathematics for Health Careers
MATH 103Technical Mathematics
MATH 104Mathematics for Food Service Careers
MATH 1091Factoring
MATH 1092Functions, Rational Expressions, and Rational Equations
MATH 1093Radicals
MATH 1094Quadratic Equations and Functions
MATH 110Intermediate Algebra
MATH 112Trigonometry
MATH 115College Algebra
MATH 121Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 131Mathematics for the Modern World
MATH 141Introduction to Statistics
MATH 150Finite Mathematics
MATH 153Calculus for Business, Life Science, and Social Sciences
MATH 175Precalculus
MATH 180Calculus I
MATH 183Calculus II
MATH 221Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MATH 225Mathematics for Elementary Teachers III
MATH 275Discrete Mathematics
MATH 280Calculus III
MATH 283Linear Algebra
MATH 288Differential Equations
MATH 289Differential Equations
MFMT 101Energy Technology Applications
MFMT 114Energy Conversion Principles, Tools, Instruments, and Processes
MFMT 115Boiler Low Pressure Heating Plant Operation and Maintenance
MFMT 116High Pressure Boiler-3rd Class License Preparation
MFMT 151Power Engineering Stationary Steam Core Skills
MFMT 192Power Facilities Practicum
MFMT 196Power Engineering Independent Study
MFMT 224Automated Control Systems 1
MFMT 241Power Engineering/Refrigeration License Review
MFMT 248Power Engineering - Steam License Review
MGT 230Principles of Management
MGT 231Supervision and Teambuilding
MGT 232Human Resources Management
MGT 237Psychology in the Workplace
MGT 238Labor-Management Relations
MGT 241Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
MII 101Medical Imaging Informatics Basics
MII 102Evaluating the Clinical Image
MII 201Picture Archiving and Communication system (PACS) Procurement and Project Management
MII 202Medical Imaging Informatics Advanced
MII 290Clinical Externship
MOA 100Medical Office Procedures I - Administrative
MOA 110Processing Health Insurance Claims
MOA 120Medical Office Computer Applications
MOA 150Medical Office Assistant Procedures II-Clinical
MOA 160Basic X-ray Techniques
MOA 165Physician Billing Concepts
MOA 168Facility Billing Concepts
MOA 170Medical Correspondence
MOA 181Medical Collection and Legal Issues
MOA 190Medical Office Externship
MOA 205Insurance Coding and Reimbursement
MPS 210Non-Traditional Machining
MTT 100Machine Tool Processes I
MTT 105Print Reading for Manufacturing
MTT 110Machine Tool Processes II
MTT 120Practical Problems in Machine Tools I
MTT 125Practical Problems in Machine Tools II
MTT 130Quality Control Gaging and Inspection
MTT 140Introduction to CNC
MTT 145CNC Operations
MTT 146Introduction to Machine Tool Probing
MTT 147Basic Macro Programming for CNC
MTT 148Advanced CNC Probing
MTT 150Statistical Process Control (SPC) In Manufacturing
MTT 160Computer Assisted N/C Programming
MTT 170Advanced Computer Assisted N/C Programming
MTT 275Advanced CNC Operations
MTT 297Special Topics in Machine Tool Technology
MTT 298Special Topics in Machine Tool Technology
MUS 107Chorus 1
MUS 108Chorus 2
MUS 109Symphony Band 1
MUS 110Symphony Band 2
MUS 111Jazz Band 1
MUS 112Jazz Band 2
MUS 113Applied Music (one credit) 1
MUS 114Applied Music (two credits) 1
MUS 115Applied Music (one credit) 2
MUS 116Applied Music (two credits) 2
MUS 117Piano Class 1
MUS 118Piano Class 2
MUS 121Jazz Improvisation 1
MUS 122Jazz Improvisation 2
MUS 123Voice Techniques 1
MUS 126Recording Studio Engineering 1
MUS 127Audio Mastering 1
MUS 128Musical Production 1
MUS 130Music Appreciation
MUS 132Music Literature
MUS 133History of Rock and Roll
MUS 134Music Fundamentals
MUS 138Music Theory 1
MUS 139Music Theory 2
MUS 141Aural Music Skills 1
MUS 142Aural Music Skills 2
MUS 143Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1
MUS 144Vocal Jazz Ensemble 2
MUS 152Music Notation with Finale 1
MUS 207Chorus 3
MUS 208Chorus 4
MUS 209Symphony Band 3
MUS 210Symphony Band 4
MUS 211Jazz Band 3
MUS 212Jazz Band 4
MUS 213Applied Music (one credit) 3
MUS 214Applied Music (two credits) 3
MUS 215Applied Music (one credit) 4
MUS 216Applied Music (two credits) 4
MUS 221Jazz Improvisation 3
MUS 222Jazz Improvisation 4
MUS 226Recording Studio Engineering 2
MUS 227Audio Mastering 2
MUS 228Musical Production 2
MUS 229Advanced Studies in Audio Recording
MUS 232History of Western Music 1
MUS 233History of Western Music 2
MUS 238Music Theory 3
MUS 243Vocal Jazz Ensemble 3
MUS 244Vocal Jazz Ensemble 4
NCS 110Competency Evaluated Nurse Assistant
NSG 082Supplement to Nursing and Self-Care II (NSG 150)
NSG 083Supplement to Nursing and Self–Care II and III
NSG 085Supplement to Nursing and Self-Care IV
NSG 086Supplement to Nursing and Self-Care IV - Part I (NSG 221)
NSG 088Supplement to Nursing and Self-Care IV - Part II (NSG 222)
NSG 091Nursing Systems II for Articulating L.P.N. Transition
NSG 101Beginning Health and Physical Assessment
NSG 115Pharmacology for Nursing Practice 1
NSG 117Medical-Surgical Nursing 1
NSG 118Pharmacology for Nursing Practice II
NSG 119Medical-Surgical Nursing II
NSG 120Nursing and Health Care System I
NSG 121Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
NSG 126Nursing and Self-Care I
NSG 150Nursing and Self-Care II
NSG 155Nursing and Self-Care III
NSG 185Basic Pathophysiology for Nursing
NSG 201Pharmacology for Nursing Practice III
NSG 202Medical-Surgical Nursing III
NSG 203Introduction to Critical Care I
NSG 206Pharmacology for Nursing Practice IV
NSG 207Pediatric Nursing
NSG 208Women's Health and Maternity Care
NSG 209Medical-Surgical Nursing IV
NSG 212Professional Transitions
NSG 221Nursing and Self-Care IV – Part I
NSG 222Nursing and Self-Care IV - Part II
NSG 250Nursing and Self Care V: Childbearing Family and Child and Family
NSG 255Nursing and Health Care Systems II
NSG 285Pathophysiology for Nurses
NSG 294Directed Study in Nursing
OPT 101Introduction to Ophthalmic Technology
OPT 134Ocular Anatomy and Pathology
OPT 150Applied Ophthalmic Optics
OPT 160Ocular Measurements I
OPT 180Ocular Measurements II
OPT 200Clinical Optical Procedures
OPT 220Ophthalmic Photography
OPT 240Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting
OPT 260Current Issues in Vision Care
OPT 290Clinical Externship I
OPT 293Clinical Externship II
OPT 297Clinical Externship III
PEFT 108Portfolio Development
PEFT 112Technical Communication-Power
PEFT 143Power Engineering Boilers
PEFT 180Power Heating Plant Lab
PEFT 182Power Fundamentals Lab
PEFT 184Power Systems Operation and Maintenance Lab
PEFT 246Steam Plant Prime Movers
PEFT 247Combined and Cogeneration Power Plants
PEFT 249Energy System Test and Measurement Analysis
PEFT 262Commercial-Industrial Energy System Assessment-Auditing
PEFT 297Special Topics in Power/Building Engineering, Commercial/Industrial Energy
PEFT 298Special Topics In Power/Building Engineering, Commercial/Industrial Energy
PHIL 130Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 131Introduction to Logic
PHIL 133History of Philosophy to the 18th Century
PHIL 135History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 137Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 138Moral Issues in Biotechnology
PHIL 139Ethics
PHIL 201Eastern Philosophy
PHT 100Introduction to Pharmacy Technology
PHT 119Outpatient Pharmacy Externship
PHT 124Pharmacology I for Pharmacy Technicians
PHT 125Pharmacology II for Pharmacy Technicians
PHT 132Basic Pharmacy Software Applications
PHT 144Pharmacy College Admission Testing (PCAT) and Current Issues in Pre-Pharmacy
PHT 150Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHT 165Issues in Pharmacy
PHT 175Applied Pharmacy Systems
PHT 178Applied Out-Patient Pharmacy Systems
PHT 193Pharmacy Externship
PHYS 120Technical Physics I
PHYS 121Technical Physics II
PHYS 131General Physics I
PHYS 132General Physics II
PHYS 133Principles of Physics
PHYS 231Engineering Physics I
PHYS 232Engineering Physics II
PHYS 233Modern Physics
PLGL 100Essential Paralegal Skills
PLGL 110Legal Ethics
PLGL 115Property Law
PLGL 126Legal Research
PLGL 190Co-op in Paralegal Studies
PLGL 200Civil Litigation I
PLGL 220Personal Injury Litigation
PLGL 226Legal Writing
PLGL 235Commercial Transactions
PLGL 240Family Law
PLGL 245Estate Planning and Probate
PLGL 250Business Organizations
PLGL 290Co-op in Paralegal Studies
PLGL 299Special Topics in Law
PLMB 101Fundamentals of Plumbing and Pipefitting
PLMB 110Drains, Wastes, and Vents
PLMB 120Steam and Hot Water Systems
PLMB 225Plumbing Design
PLMB 240Plumbing Materials and Components
PLMB 250Plumbing Pipefitting Code
PLMB 255Plumbing Fixture Installation
PLMB 275Practical Plumbing Lab for State License Preparation
POLS 101American Government: Democratic Participation and Civic Engagement
POLS 110Introduction to Community Leadership
POLS 111Foundations of Community Leadership
POLS 131Introduction to American Government and Political Science
POLS 135American Legal Systems and Processes
POLS 152International Relations
POLS 155State and Local Government
POLS 200Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
POLS 201Public Policy: Topics and Analysis
POLS 202Foreign Policy: Topics and Analysis
POLS 295Community Leadership Internship
PSCI 131Introduction to Physical Science
PSCI 133Atomic Science
PSCI 135Sound & Light in Fine-Arts
PSY 131Introductory Psychology
PSY 152Child Psychology
PSY 161Human Sexuality
PSY 251Abnormal Psychology
PSY 253Lifespan Development
PSY 254Social Psychology
PSY 256Educational Psychology
PSY 257Health Psychology
PSY 260Adolescent Psychology
PSY 296The Exceptional Child
PTA 102Introduction to Physical Therapy Practice
PTA 110Therapeutic Techniques for PTAs I
PTA 118Exercise Techniques I
PTA 122Exercise Techniques Lab
PTA 132Kinesiology for PTAs
PTA 144Physical Therapy Modalities
PTA 168Development Across the Lifespan for PTAs
PTA 225Applied Pathology for PTAs
PTA 250Extremity Orthopedics
PTA 254Spinal Orthopedics
PTA 262Rehabilitation of Neurological Conditions I
PTA 265Rehab of Neurological Conditions Lab
PTA 270Physical Therapist Assistant Seminar
PTA 291Clinical Externship I
PTA 295Clinical Externship II
RAD 101Introduction to Radiography
RAD 109Clinical Education I
RAD 111Principles of Radiation Protection
RAD 114Basic Patient Care in Radiography
RAD 118Radiographic Positioning
RAD 158Radiographic Positioning II
RAD 161Imaging Equipment
RAD 171 Principles of Exposure
RAD 181Contrast Studies
RAD 190Clinical Education II
RAD 195Basic Clinical Education
RAD 209Intermediate Clinical Education
RAD 214Pathology and Cross Sectional Anatomy
RAD 228Radiographic Procedures
RAD 267Radiation Physics
RAD 270Image Acquisition and Display
RAD 274Principles of Radiation Biology
RAD 284Principles of Computed Tomography
RAD 286Registry Review
RAD 290Advanced Clinical Education
RAD 296Capstone Clinical Education
REEN 101Survey of Renewable Energy Sources
REEN 110Geothermal Systems and Water Furnace Technology
REEN 120Wind, Solar, and Fuel Cell Technology
REEN 130Smart Home Control Technology
REEN 140Cogeneration and Backup Power
REEN 160Energy Auditing/Weatherization
REEN 161Energy Auditing/Weatherization Certification Lab
REEN 170Battery Technologies
REEN 180Hydropower
RTH 100Principles of Respiratory Care
RTH 125Respiratory Care Procedures I
RTH 160Respiratory Therapy Pharmacology
RTH 175Respiratory Care Procedures II
RTH 180RT Clinical Sciences
RTH 195Introduction to Clinical Therapeutics
RTH 210Ventilator Management I
RTH 220Respiratory Care in Neonates and Pediatrics
RTH 240Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics
RTH 250Advanced Mechanical Ventilation
RTH 270Therapeutic Clinical Management
RTH 285Advanced Respiratory Concepts
RTH 292Clinical Practicum
RTH 293Advanced Clinical Therapy
RTH 294Advanced Clinical Practicum
SCI 131Revolutions in Science
SCI 160Science Laboratory Workplace Skills
SCI 210Introduction to Science for Elementary Educators
SCI 212Earth Science for Educators
SCI 213Learning by Inquiry: Life Science
SCI 292Study Abroad in Natural Sciences
SCO 190Co-op in Science
SCO 290Co-op in Science
SOC 131Introduction to Sociology
SOC 132Marriage and the Family
SOC 151Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 152 Women, Men, and Society
SOC 212Leadership in Diverse Communities and Organizations
SOC 251Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Society
SOC 253Sociology of Deviance
SOC 254Social Psychology
SOC 295Community Leadership Internship
SPC 131Fundamentals of Speaking
SPC 145Interpersonal Communication
SPN 131Elementary Spanish I
SPN 132Elementary Spanish II
SPN 141Elementary Spanish Conversation
SPN 231Second-Year Spanish III
SPN 232Second-Year Spanish IV
SPN 290Study Abroad in Spanish Language and Culture
SPN 295Directed Study in Spanish
SPN 296Directed Study in Spanish
SPN 297Directed Study in Spanish
SRG 101Introduction to Surgical Technology
SRG 120Surgical Procedures I
SRG 140Surgical Techniques I
SRG 150Surgical Techniques II
SRG 160Surgical Pharmacology
SRG 209Surgical Externship I
SRG 220Surgical Procedures II
SRG 240Issues in Surgical Technology
SRG 290Clinical Externship II
SSC 131Survey of the Social Sciences
SSC 235Topics in Social Science
SSCO 190Co-op in Social Science
SSCO 290Co-op in Social Sciences
TADV 060Basic Skills for the Skilled Trades
TADV 100Basic Print Reading
TADV 120Introduction to Fabrication
TADV 122Introduction to Material Handling
TADV 123Introduction to Industrial Electrical
TADV 124Introduction to Industrial Controls
TADV 125Introduction to Integrated Manufacturing
TADV 181Topics in Skilled Trades
TADV 182Special Topics in Skilled Trades
TADV 283Advanced Topics in Skilled Trades
TAEL 103DC and AC Electricity
TAEL 105AC Theory and Equipment
TAEL 106Electronics Theory
TAEL 115Digital Theory
TAEL 145DC and AC Motors
TAEL 150DC Motors and Controls
TAEL 200Ladder Diagrams and Motor Controls
TAEL 205Industrial Electronic Controls
TAEL 245Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
TAEL 260Automation Controls and Robotics
TAEL 265National Electrical Code
TAEL 273Fire Alarm Systems for Electricians
TAEL 275Residential Wiring
TAEL 276Commercial Wiring
TAEL 277Industrial Wiring
TAEL 279Electrical Codes and Practices
TAEL 280Low Voltage and Communication Wiring
TAEL 285Industrial Truck Controls
TAEL 290High Voltage Power Distribution
TAEL 291Electrical Power Distribution and Transmission
TAEL 295Microprocessors
TAFD 117Industrial Computer Applications
TAFD 120Industrial Safety Awareness
TAFD 125Industrial Safety Awareness with First Aid
TAFD 126Process Industry Health, Environment, and Safety
TAFD 130Industrial Application of Physical Science
TAFD 150Applied Technology
TAFD 295Industrial Maintenance Externship
TAFP 150Introduction to Industrial Hydraulics
TAFP 160Pneumatic Power and Control
TAFP 270Fluid Power Systems: Circuit Design and Troubleshooting
TAFP 280Applied Electrohydraulics
TAGD 110Basic Shape and Size Interpretation
TAGD 120Advanced Graphic Interpretation
TAGD 130Assembly Detailing
TAGD 140Compound Angles and Advanced Projection
TAGD 150Tool, Jig, and Fixture Design
TAGD 155Cage, Cam Layout, and Fixture
TAGD 160Press Working Fundamentals
TAGD 165Cutting and Forming Dies
TAGD 171Descriptive Geometry: Lines and Planes
TAGD 172Descriptive Geometry: Planes, Solids, and Developments
TAGD 280Panel Tipping
TAIM 100Industrial Materials
TAMA 110Industrial Applications of Basic Mathematical Principles
TAMA 115Metric Systems and Conversions
TAMA 120Industrial Applications of Algebraic Principles
TAMA 130Industrial Applications of Geometric Principles
TAMA 200Industrial Applications of Trigonometric Principles
TAMJ 110Welding Fundamentals
TAMJ 112Creative Metals I
TAMJ 115Advanced Welding Techniques
TAMJ 116Creative Metals II
TAMJ 120Welding: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Techniques
TAMJ 125Welding: AWS Pipe Welding
TAMJ 145Welding: Advanced Gas Torch Techniques
TAMJ 230Welding: AWS Pipe and Pressure Vessel Certification
TAMJ 235Welding: GTAW and GMAW Certification
TAMJ 240Welding: Tool and Die Welding
TAMN 100Shop Tools and Techniques
TAMN 120Machine Tool Applications
TAMN 130Advanced Manufacturing Processes
TAMN 220Advanced Computer Numerical Control Techniques
TAMT 110Mechanical Power Transmission
TAMT 115Maintenance Trades Print Reading
TAMT 123Maintenance Print Reading: Structural Steel and Conveyors
TAMT 126Maintenance Print Reading: Plant Layout
TAMT 200Predictive Maintenance - Shaft Alignment and Couplings
TAMT 210Predictive Maintenance-Vibration Analysis
TAMT 220Advanced Rigging
TAMT 260Gearing
TAPI 105Introduction to Industrial and Pneumatic Controls
TAPI 120Instrumentation: Print Reading
TAPI 201Instrumentation: Industrial Practices
TAPP 100Fundamentals of Plumbing and Pipefitting
TAPP 110Drains, Wastes, and Vents
TAPP 120Heating Systems
TAPP 250Plumbing Code
TAPT 100Introduction to Process Technology Practices
TAPT 110Process Technology Equipment
TAPT 120Introduction to Process Instrumentation
TAPT 125Process Technology Instrumentation II
TAPT 130Process Technology Systems
TAPT 140Process Technology Quality
TASM 100Basic Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication
TASM 120Sheet Metal Layout: Radial and Triangulation
TASM 130Sheet Metal Layout: Applied Triangulation
TCM 131Introduction to Telecommunication
TCM 132Film History and Criticism
TCM 151Digital Audio Editing
TCM 157Digital Video Editing
TCM 189WHFR Staff Training
TCM 235Topics in Film Study
TCM 241Media Writing
TCM 243Media Performance
TCM 251Audio Production
TCM 257Video Production I
TCM 258Film/Video Production II
TCM 261Broadcast Journalism
TCM 281Capstone
TCM 294Telecommunication Internship
TCM 295Directed Study
TECH 101Introduction to Industrial Technology
TECH 110Exploration In Machine Tool Technology
TECH 115Exploration of CAD/Drafting
THEA 131Theatre Appreciation
THEA 132Acting I
THEA 133Technical Theatre
THEA 134Technical Theatre Specialties: Rotating Skills
THEA 135Introduction to Stage Makeup
THEA 138Stage Costuming
THEA 140One-Act Play Production
THEA 142Theatrical Production
THEA 144Improvisation for the Actor
THEA 145Stage Combat
THEA 149Children's Theatre Production
THEA 150Stagecraft
THEA 232Acting II
THEA 233Advanced Technical Theatre
THEA 234Advanced Technical Theatre: Rotating Skills
THEA 235Topics in Theatre
THEA 238Theatre History
THEA 242Advanced Theatrical Production
THEA 255Lighting
THEA 256Directing
THEA 257Pantomime and Physical Techniques for the Actor
THEA 259Experimental Theatre Production
THEA 260Acting III
THEA 270Advanced Experimental Theatre Production
THEA 271Advanced One-Act Play Production
THEA 272Improvisation II
THEA 273Voice for the Actor
THEA 281Theatre Capstone
THEA 2901Directed Study
VTL 150Special and Visual Effects for Stage and Screen
VTL 235Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films
VTL 262Introduction to Motion Capture
VTL 263Intermediate Motion Capture
VTL 264Advanced Motion Capture Application
VTL 265Introduction to Motion Capture Body Performance for Stage
VTL 266Green Screen Visual Effects for Stage and Screen
VTL 267Stereoscopic Cinematography for Stage and Screen
VTL 268Film Acting I
WR 130Introduction to the Academic Study of Religion
WR 131Religious Traditions in the World
WR 232Western Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
WR 233Eastern Religions
WR 234Judaism
WR 235Christianity - The First 1000 Years
WR 236African American Religious Experience and Expression
WR 237Buddhism
WR 238Hinduism
WR 239Introduction to Daoism
WR 240Myths and Symbols: Deciphering the Messages of Sacred Traditions
WR 241 Islam
WR 242Native American Religious Traditions
WR 280Topics in Religious Studies