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Career Choice is designed to upskill Amazon employees who are interested in pursuing a future career with other employers. HFC provides the education. Amazon pays the bill.

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Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program that is designed to upskill Amazon employees who are interested in pursuing a career in a different field. By partnering with HFC to deliver training for high-demand careers, Amazon is proud to give its eligible employees the tools they need to make a move and pursue their aspirations.

  • Henry Ford College is one of more than 140 colleges and universities nationwide partnering with multinational e-commerce company Amazon, which is expanding career advancement opportunities for its 750,000 hourly employees to provide fully-funded college tuition.
  • Since launching in 2012, Career Choice has helped provide education for more than 50,000 Amazon employees. Amazon’s Career Choice program now works with more than 180 education providers across the United States. Career Choice is one of nine free-of-charge skills training and education programs that Amazon offers to its employees as part of its “Upskilling 2025” pledge.

if you are an Amazon employee, find out if you are eligible for the program by contacting your HFC Advisor.

To learn more contact:

Kenneth Nichols
Project Manager
(313) 317-6888

How can I enroll in Amazon Career Choice?

If you are an Amazon employee, you may be eligible to enroll in Amazon Career Choice!

  1. Begin by applying to HFC, following the steps below:
  2. Schedule an appointment with your HFC Academic Advising team.
  3. Once you select classes, apply online through Amazon Career Choice for your tuition voucher.
  4. Once approved in the Career Choice system, work with your Career Choice Advisor to finish the sign up process!

What HFC programs are eligible for Amazon Career Choice?

Dozens of HFC academic programs are eligible for Amazon's Career Choice program. You are sure to find a program that will help you reach your career goals. For help finding the best program for you, please talk to your HFC Advisor.

Administration and Business Services Careers

Healthcare Careers

Mechanical and Skilled Trades Careers

Endorsements and Testimonials

Russell Kavalhuna

President - Henry Ford College

Amazon’s Career Choice is a great program. It will help us keep talent in Michigan by preparing our workforce for the jobs of the future, and expanding access to education for frontline workers. HFC is excited to be a part of this opportunity to help working adults in our community achieve their educational and life goals.

Ismaila Ba

Security Engineer at Amazon - HFC Alumnus

I love working at Amazon. I think it is the greatest tech company out there.