Henry Ford College

Guest Students

A guest student is one who currently attends another college or university and wishes to take one or more courses at HFC. The guest student must submit an authorized guest application from his or her current college/university.

Students enrolled at another college/university can take classes at HFC as Guest Students and then return to their current college/university, transferring their credits there from HFC. Guest Students may take any class as long as they meet the class prerequisites.

Just complete the steps below and you will be ready to start classes. You can complete these steps online or you can visit the Welcome Center (Building WC) on the main campus if you would like in-person help.

NOTE: If you were previously admitted as a First Time, Transfer, or International Student, you do NOT need to submit this application again. You are ready to register for classes. Previous Guest Students applying as a Domestic or International Student do need to submit the application below.

If you have graduated from HFC, you do not need to re-apply. Please complete a Change of Program form to be ready to register.

Complete the Application for Admission

  • Students currently attending a Michigan college or university must submit a signed Michigan Uniform Guest Application.
  • Students currently attending a college/university not located in Michigan should visit the Office of the Registrar at the educational institution they are currently attending for additional information on obtaining permission to enroll at HFC as a Guest Student.
  • NOTE: Guest Students are NOT eligible to receive Financial Aid at HFC.

Register for Classes

  • Register online using WebAdvisor or in-person at the Welcome Center.
  • Use the Schedule Planner in WebAdvisor to help you plan your classes.

Pay for Classes

  • There are a number of great options to help with paying for tuition at HFC.
  • Pay in cash or credit card in-person at the Cashier’s Office in the Welcome Center. Call 313-845-9641 or visit www.hfcc.edu/cashiers.
  • Or, you can sign up for the convenient EZ Pay program to spread out payments over several months. Visit www.hfcc.edu/ezpay or call 313-845-9641 to sign-up.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students may be admitted to HFC by Special Admission for Non-Degree-Seeking Students in order to take a course for enrichment or personal development but not to pursue a degree or certificate. Students eligible for Special Admission include those who are high school graduates, hold GED certificates, or have attended another college. Students admitted under this category must satisfy all prerequisites for courses they take, and they are NOT eligible for financial aid. If, after completing fifteen (15) semester hours of credit, the non-degree-seeking student wishes to seek a degree from HFC, he or she may be required to submit educational documents for review and evaluation to verify academic status. Courses taken under a non-degree status may or may not be acceptable for meeting program or degree requirements.