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If you're interested in learning English as a second language, HFC's English Language Institute (ELI) is for you. The ELI offers instruction in American English language and culture. Our intensive English program prepares you for success in college-level English courses, employment that requires written and oral proficiency in English, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.

We offer day and evening classes in English writing, grammar, reading, speaking, listening and study skills. We also offer classes in advanced grammar, pronunciation/conversation and TOEFL preparation. You can develop your English through small and large group interactions, and our enthusiastic and dedicated instructors will help you meet your goals.

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Accredited by the American Association of Intensive English Programs
Learn American culture
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Flexible Schedule
  • Classes offered year-round
  • Day and evening classes
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Learn English language skills

Start at your skill level

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Student Testimonials

  • Hana Al Nadaaf

    Hana Al Nadaaf

    I love this college because it is my first educational experience in the USA. It has added a new dimension in my life, especially when learning the English language. I love my teachers. They are extremely helpful. They understand every student and work to improve their situation. I feel like this is my home, especially when they respect the religious beliefs of students from all over the world. Thank you so much.

  • Nessy Meci

    Nessy Meci

    This college has helped me a lot with my knowledge of the English language. The program is very effective for us and the teachers are very understanding.

  • Hawraa Srour

    Hawraa Srour

    ELI classes are very useful to every student. The classes have helped me learn how to write a short, consistent essay. This class has also helped me improve my grammar and my writing, and taught me to learn from my mistakes.

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Melinda Dewitt
FT Faculty - ELI
B, Madonna University; M, Madonna University mmdewitt@hfcc.edu 313-317-6848
Rosemary Miketa
FT Faculty - ELI
CERTI, Bond University rmiketa@hfcc.edu
Pamela Stewart
FT Faculty - English
B.A., University of Michigan, Dearborn; M.A.T., University of Michigan, Dearborn pckaminski@hfcc.edu 313-845-9683
Tracie Varitek
FT Faculty - English
B.A., Western Michigan University; M.A., University of Michigan tlvaritek@hfcc.edu 313-845-6393