ELI Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Mission of the English Language Institute at Henry Ford College is to foster a cooperative learning environment that supports English Language Learners as they strive to reach their academic, personal, and professional language goals in a culturally diverse and internationally-based community.

Program Goals

  • Provide high-quality and affordable language instruction to English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Provide opportunities to develop language through small group and large-group interactions
  • Provide opportunities to use language to inform, persuade, explain, or entertain others
  • Develop proficient language skills that support a logical and sequential expression of ideas through clear speech
  • Encourage ELLs to adjust their reading, writing, and language skills to suit particular purposes, audiences, and situations
  • Introduce subject-specific vocabulary through speaking, reading, and writing activities
  • Extend and support using American English conventions correctly
  • Create an atmosphere promoting familiarity with American cultural norms
  • Demonstrate the connection between spoken and written language
  • Interpret, summarize, and evaluate a range of texts through structured activities
  • Create an atmosphere supporting critical thinking
  • Establish a language-rich environment presenting text in natural and meaningful contexts
  • Provide ELLs the necessary language skills to continue their academic studies