Guest Students at HFC

Graduate sooner.

Save a lot of money!

Be our guest...

Take classes at Henry Ford College this summer.

Students enrolled at any accredited college or university can take classes at HFC as a Guest Student, and then transfer their HFC credits back to their regular university.

Spring classes begin May 8; last day to register is May 9
Summer classes begin June 25; last day to register is June 26

Guest Students may take any online or in-person class at HFC, as long as they meet the HFC class prerequisites.

Will your HFC credits count at your university or college? Yes!

Henry Ford College is a fully-accredited nonprofit college, and we have relationships and transfer agreements with colleges and universities all over the country. Any courses you successfully complete as a guest student at HFC will count as regular credits at your college or university. These can be either general education credits, or credits toward your academic major. If you want to be sure your HFC courses will count toward your academic major, please work with an advisor at HFC.

How to enroll as an HFC guest

Complete the steps below, and you will be ready to start classes at HFC. You can complete these steps online or you can visit the Welcome Center (Building WC) on the main campus for in-person help.

  1. Complete the HFC Guest Application for Admission (yes, it's fine to take classes as a guest at HFC while also being enrolled at your regular college or university) and send to HFC via email to or fax to 313.845.6464.
    • Students currently attending a college or university in the state of Michigan must submit a signed Michigan Uniform Guest Application.
    • Students currently attending a college or university outside the state of Michigan may submit the Michigan Uniform Guest Application (top portion of Michigan Uniform Guest Application to be completed by the student) to be a guest student at HFC, but should consult with the Registrar’s Office at their home institution to request completion of the bottom of the Michigan Uniform Guest Application and for additional information.
  2. Search and Register for Classes.
  3. Pay For Classes - Guest Students are not eligible to receive financial aid at HFC. However, our classes are so affordable that most guest students save a lot of money at HFC.

Online or on campus. Your choice.

You don't have to be a local student to benefit from HFC's low tuition rates and high-quality instruction. Our online classes cost the same as our in-person classes.

You can search for classes by location / delivery method (e.g. online or on campus).
1. Browse the subject list, or search for a specific subject, such as "math"
2. Check the "location" boxes for available courses on the left. All available location options for each course will be listed, including Main Campus, Online, Dearborn Heights Center, or East Campus.

Questions? Contact the HFC Registrar's Office at or call 313-845-6403.

Save tons of money by attending HFC

Henry Ford College offers some of the lowest tuition rates, for the highest-quality courses, in the state of Michigan.

Current in-district rates are $96/credit hour for underclassmen, and out-of-district rates are just $166. You will be able to transfer your credits back to your regular university, while paying HFC's low rates for all credits you take from us. In fact, our high-quality classes, combined with our low tuition rates, are two of the top reasons 13,000 students call HFC their educational home each year.

Tuition Compare

Compare HFC tuition cost to another school
* Tuition comparison based on four semesters of courses

Taking a semester off?

If you're taking a semester off from your college or university, it's a great time to be a part-time guest student at HFC. You can be our guest during any semester, not just spring and summer. And if finances are an issue, keep in mind that HFC classes are some of the most affordable anywhere in our state and region.

Taking time off from being a full-time student doesn't have to mean postponing your goals. Stay sharp and on-track. Take one or two courses at a time at HFC, while you pursue other life goals, obligations, or activities.

Follow the directions on this website to enroll at HFC while taking time away from your regular college or university. When you're ready, your HFC credits will transfer to wherever you want to go next.

Non-degree seeking students

If you want to take classes for enrichment or personal development, but are not seeking a college degree, you are welcome to attend HFC through Special Admission for Non-Degree-Seeking Students. To be eligible for this special admission program, you must be a high school graduate, or hold a GED, or have attended another college. Special admission students must satisfy all prerequisites for HFC courses, and are not eligible for financial aid.

Here are the steps to follow to enroll as a Non-Degree student at HFC:

  1. Complete the Application for Admission;
  2. Search and Register for Classes; and
  3. Pay For Classes - non-degree students are not eligible to receive financial aid at HFC.

For more information, or to get help enrolling, contact:

Jeremy Guc • Supervisor, Admissions and Recruiting
Welcome Center
5101 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI