Power and Trades Pathways: Jobs and Salary Expectations

Two major career pathways, plus an associate degree option

Graduates of the HFC Power and Trades Pathways program will have a variety of career options, depending on which credentials they choose to obtain. The listed salaries are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They do not include overtime compensation, which is commonly a part of these jobs.

An Apprentice is at the initial learning stage of the trade. During this time, apprentices gain the knowledge and hands-on experience to complete job-related tasks. Apprenticeships in the energy trades are paid positions that usually last 3-4 years.

A Journeyman has successfully completed the official apprenticeship qualification in the trade. A journeyman is licensed and is considered competent and authorized to work in the field as a fully qualified tradesman.

  1. Gas Operations Maintenance and Technician - Pre-Apprentice Certificate
    • Apprentice Salary - $37,600
    • Journeyman Salary - $43,680
  2. Construction - Pre-Apprentice Certificate
    • Apprentice Salary - $42,000
    • Journeyman Salary - $48,780
  3. Power Equipment Relay Technician (PERT) or Cable Testers, Engineering Technology - Electrical Associate Degree Program (65 credit hours)
    • With Associate Degree - $87,610

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