What courses will I take?

Courses are intended for students to develop skills across the electrical trades. Your individual course plan may vary, depending on your career goals and requirements.

Certificate programs require a total of 24 credit hours among the following courses. The certificates can be completed in one year.

  1. Energy Industry Fundamentals (4 cr)
  2. Hand and Power Tools (1 cr)
  3. Construction Blueprint Reading (2 cr)
  4. Energy Technology Project Management (2 cr)
  5. Strength Training and Physical Conditioning (2 cr)
  6. Industrial Safety Awareness with First Aid (3 cr)
  7. Industrial Applications of Basic Mathematical Principles (2 cr)
  8. Advanced Rigging (2 cr)
  9. Computer Technology (choose one)
    • Introduction to Information Technology (3 cr)
    • Industrial Computer Applications (3 cr)
  10. Electricity (choose one)
    • Basic electricity (3 cr)
    • AC and DC electricity (3 cr)

The Power Equipment Relay Testing (PERT) certification is a 65-hour engineering technology associate degree program that has different course requirements. It is typically completed in two years.

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