Construction near Welcome Center re-routes traffic and parking

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HFC Welcome Center

D ue to construction by the Dearborn Public Schools to renovate a former SME building to create a new space for the Early College, we will need to close one of the main vehicle entrances and some of the parking at the Welcome Center through early June 2024. The Welcome Center will remain fully open and will continue serving students and our community throughout the project.

The project will include required stormwater work and will create a new bus loop in front of the new Early College building.

Below is a sequence of construction-related events from now through June 3. Please see the map below for a visual representation of these events:

Vehicle (automobile and truck) traffic and parking

  1. On April 12, 2024 (tomorrow), the vehicle entrance from the campus perimeter drive (North Entrance) to the Welcome Center parking lots will be permanently closed. A new perimeter drive vehicle entrance will be created at the Southeast corner of the current parking area at the conclusion of the project.

  2. From April 12 through June 3, all vehicle traffic to and from the Welcome Center will be through SME Drive only.

  3. All parking spaces in the parking lot East and Southeast of the Welcome Center will be closed throughout this project. All parking spaces North and Northeast of the Welcome Center will remain open and accessible from SME Drive.

  4. On June 3, the East and Southeast parking areas will reopen, and the new vehicle entrance from the perimeter drive will open.

Pedestrian (foot, wheelchair, bicycle, cart) traffic

  1. The existing pedestrian walkway leading from the E building across the perimeter drive to the Welcome Center will remain open from now until Sunday, April 21.

  2. Starting Monday, April 22, the current pedestrian walkway will close. A new pedestrian walkway will re-route pedestrian traffic to the west of the current pedestrian walkway, which will bypass the closed vehicle entrance and parking area.

  3. A permanent pedestrian walkway will be constructed at the end of the project. We will provide additional details later.

Please avoid the construction area

To help the construction personnel and provide greater safety for everyone, please stay away from the edges of the construction area. Construction barrels and hurricane fencing will be in place. We ask that you remain within the designated vehicle and pedestrian access areas throughout the construction project.

Thank you for your cooperation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this project. Questions? contact

Campus closures map