HFC has 19 new HyFlex classrooms for an on-the-fly combination of in-person and remote learning

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Hyflex classroom in Liberal Arts building with grey desks, computers, and a giant tv screen.

HFC students and faculty are now able to take advantage of 19 classrooms equipped with Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) technology that offers innovative ways to access, deliver, and engage in the learning process.

HyFlex allows students to choose whether to attend a class in-person or online during any given class period. It also supports instructors' ability to seamlessly deliver instruction in a way that supports student learning through the modalities the students choose. HyFlex classrooms require not only exceptional, accessible technology, but an environment that supports seamlessly flexible instruction.

“This was a labor of love – one of the heaviest and most challenging lifts involving not only the Academic Services team, but also our colleagues in Finance, Purchasing, IT, and Facilities,” said HFC Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Nealon. “I wish we could have been here two years ago, but we can now look forward to bringing HyFlex technology to scale at HFC. Special thanks to HFC Director of Academic Services Dr. Cristina Bailey and her team for coordinating much of this incredible effort.”

Accessible written and visual tutorials will be available to faculty

HFC’s 19 HyFlex classrooms are positioned throughout main campus building:

  • Technology Building (Building E): Rooms E-183, E-192, and E-217
  • MacKenzie Fine Arts Center (Building F): Room F-217
  • Health Science Education Center (Building G): Rooms G-202, G-209, G-214, G-219, G-303, and G-311
  • Reuther Liberal Arts Building (Building K): Rooms K-011, K-103, K-142, K-220, K-227, K-312, K-316, and K-317

Written and visual tutorials will be placed in each of the HyFlex classrooms that show instructors how to engage the different components at the start of each class session. There are slight differences in the equipment placement among the classrooms, and the instructions reflect the variations.

HyFlex technology generally includes a two-way audio stream, video monitors for incoming presentations of and by remote students, camera(s) for outgoing video presentation(s) of the classroom and students/instructor, and other interactive technologies to support interaction and engagement.

“We have asked HyFlex-experienced instructors to create short videos to share with colleagues the relevant aspects of their experience, common mishaps to avoid, and classroom management tips. We will share them with everyone when they are ready,” said Bailey.

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