Get to Know HFC: June Williams helps students feel understood and supported as they navigate college enrollment

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June Williams standing in front of a backdrop image of red roses.

As a recent graduate of HFC, Student Support Professional June Williams has been where many students have been when they enroll at the College. She is more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge and experiences with them.

“My job is helping students through the enrollment process,” said Williams. “My spin on it is making sure students understand the enrollment process by connecting it to everyday life situations they may have experienced. The enrollment process begins to feel like a natural event for them. I also impart words of wisdom for them to become successful students at HFC. I assist students in monitoring and solving whatever issues they may encounter by ensuring they feel understood and supported, not just check off the boxes in the enrollment process.”

Williams’ career in higher education began in 2014. She has been at HFC since 2019. Before going into higher education, she worked in retail, healthcare, and automotive.

“People have always told me I should’ve been a teacher with the way I communicate and explain things. I am a teacher,” said Williams, laughing. “Maybe I don’t have a classroom, but I do teach students how to navigate their educational path, while solving life situations, and understanding how education can provide a resolution to their life issues. Students just want to be heard and understood. When students feel they are heard, the path of the enrollment process becomes clearer, and they can handle financial aid and registration.”

Helping students find their calling, after finding her calling

A Detroit native, Williams, one of four siblings, was raised in Florida before returning to Detroit in her teens. She and Cornell, her husband of 31 years and a retired autoworker, make their home in Detroit.

Williams graduated from Southeastern High School in Detroit. She began her education at HFC (then called Henry Ford Community College). She completed coursework in both nursing and general studies at HFC and the Wayne County Community College District. Williams earned her bachelor’s degree in business leadership from Baker College and also completed graduate-level coursework in computer information systems at Lawrence Technological University and the University of Detroit Mercy.

In May, Williams earned her associate degree in telecommunication from HFC. She also earned a certificate in office administration from HFC in 2021. While she was studying at HFC, she earned two scholarships:

In early 2024, she will transfer to Wayne State University to study journalism, pursuing a second bachelor’s degree.

“I remember being in high school when I was 15 and seeing the names of occupations and career paths written on the hallway walls. The one occupation that jumped out was journalism. I was interested in the profession, but didn’t believe I could achieve it,” she said. “I’m finally going to do what the Lord wants me to do: Pursue a degree in journalism. I was running away from my true calling, and now I’m walking toward my true passion. I hope my story will encourage students who are walking in that same path of disbelief that they can follow their true calling and go wherever their passions takes them to be successful.”

Women at HFC helped her come out of her shell, which she plans to pay forward

Williams credits several people at the College for helping her believe in herself and pursue her true calling, including:

  • HFC Chairperson for the Department of Communication and Media Susan McGraw
  • HFC Student Activities Officer Cassandra Fluker
  • Former HFC Student Activities Assistant Mandy Earl
  • HFC Enrollment Services Manager Stacy Owen, Williams’ immediate supervisor
  • HFC Assistant Director of Enrollment Services, Assessment, and Orientation Nikole Ford-Kondraciuk

“I came out of my shell because of these remarkable women,” praised Williams. “Cassandra and Mandy encouraged me to join the HFC chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success and run for president. I wanted to run for secretary and help from behind the scenes, but they pushed me to run for president, so I did. I served as president of the NSLS from the fall of 2018 through the winter of 2020 – I’m glad I did.”

Fluker called Williams an outstanding student leader.

“During that time, I witnessed June soar to greatness,” said Fluker. “She worked toward her goals while helping students shape their visions for the future. June’s leadership is exemplary, and I appreciate the care she provides to students as they pursue their goals. It is no surprise that she is an HFC employee. When an institution hires its graduates, it endorses, affirms, and conveys a strong belief in its mission and values. I am so proud of June.”

Williams – who hosts the radio show ‘Culture Collections’ on WHFR, which plays music that “soothes your soul and uplifts your spirit,” every Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. – called McGraw her mentor.

“Susan has helped me by leaps and bounds,” said Williams. “She arranged for my internship at Little Rock. It was only supposed to be a few months, but it expanded to a year. Since April, I’ve been working there as a part-time graphic designer with the media ministry team.”

Williams also wanted to give a shout-out to Owen and Ford-Kondraciuk for their support.

“They have allowed me to achieve my education and employment goals here at the College,” said Williams. “They have been my rock. It’s been a wonderful experience at HFC, both as a student and an employee. I want to make students’ experiences at HFC as warm and welcoming for them as it was for me, thanks to these women. I want to pay it forward.”

“From confused to enlightened”

"June is very caring and is always willing to help wherever needed," said Owen. "She has a calming presence and treats everyone with respect. Enrollment Services is fortunate to have her on our team."

Before joining HFC, Williams worked at the University of Michigan-Dearborn for three years. During her lunch breaks, she would walk the trails between the two campuses.

“I really liked the vibe I felt when I’d walk on the HFC side,” she said. “It felt good. It felt like home. It felt like family.”

Hands down, the best part of Williams’ job is the students.

“I love it when I see the faces of the students go from confused to enlightened during the enrollment process – especially when navigating financial aid – it’s the greatest thing! They see and understand what I am explaining to them. When I see the lightbulb come on, I know they understand the enrollment process,” said Williams. “Sometimes, students don’t understand. I step back and give them a moment to sort it out mentally to connect the dots. When they connect the dots, it’s a wonderful thing and that’s when I find my work most rewarding.”