Release Date: 
Monday, June 6, 2022

New outdoor banners are the latest in a long partnership

New fence and light pole/building banners installed on campus. See other banner photos below.
Mark Vinstra puts up new HFC banners outside the Science Building (Bldg. J) on the main campus.

The new HFC banners surrounding the Science Building (Bldg. J) and across building areas on the main campus are a result of the College’s collaboration with SignGraphix in Clarkston.

Anne Vinstra, who co-owns SignGraphix with her husband Mark, worked closely with HFC Graphic Designer Patti Sekulidis on this project.

“This was a fairly straightforward project. Patti was wonderful to work with. We typically handle all design aspects of our projects, but Patti took design lead on this one,” said Anne. “SignGraphix began working with HFC in 1996. We have continued serving the College for interior and exterior signage needs since then.”

Major updates when the College’s name changed

SignGraphix’s most extensive collaboration with the College was in 2014 when Henry Ford Community College became Henry Ford College.

“That project included a comprehensive, campus-wide signage rebranding for the main campus. Our signage designs included the main entrance monument signs off Evergreen Road, building identification and entry signage, parking lot IDs, inner campus directions, and banners along Evergreen Road,” recalled Anne. “We also implemented some modest rebranding updates at the East Campus. The original campus map from 2014 was developed by us. We also designed and implemented the donor recognition wall display on the first floor of the Science Building.”

Maintaining and refreshing signage on HFC’s campuses

Currently, SignGraphix is working with HFC Director of Facilities Reuben Brukley to update all the interior emergency maps for all 17 of the HFC buildings.

“We enjoy working with HFC and the opportunities we’ve had over the years to assist in refreshing and maintaining signage on the HFC campuses for students, staff, and visitors,” said Anne. “Our years of experience in sign design, planning, fabrication, installation, and project management services make us a great signage source for all types of industries.”