Release Date: 
Sunday, January 16, 2022

Former HFC Trustee publishes her first book

A headshot of Mary Lane next to the cover of her book.

Even though she is retired from the HFC Board of Trustees, former board member Mary Lane has been keeping busy.

Lane recently published her first book, which is called Untold Tales of Eighteenth Century Love and War: Martha Root and Elisha Hawley in Colonial New England (Schuler Books $21.95). Lane spent several years extensively researching and writing this book.

Untold Tales fictionalizes a true series of events in the late puritan Connecticut River valley through the French and Indian Wars until after the American Revolution in upstate New York. The central controversies animating these stories were religion vs. town turmoil and transformations, particularly a prominent fornication case (not unusual during this period), a refusal to acknowledge paternity and church authority (against law and evidence), excommunication, and the intriguing consequences.

The book is available for purchase through Schuler Books, a Michigan-based independent bookstore with locations in Grand Rapids and Okemos.