Release Date: 
Thursday, December 2, 2021

Get to Know HFC: Lisa Fillip

A headshot of Lisa Fillip.

HFC team member Lisa Fillip has recently moved into a newly-created role at HFC: CRM Manager.

“It feels exciting to be hired in a new position here at HFC! This is a great opportunity for the Admissions and Recruitment team. I’m so grateful to have a part in that,” said Fillip, of Dearborn, who was also a student at HFC (then Henry Ford Community College). “A goal I have for this position is to continue to work on streamlining and improving the admissions process to be more effective for the students, the admissions department, and the enrollment services staff.”

Fillip has worked at HFC for seven years. She began her career at HFC as an Enrollment Associate II. For the last six years, she was an Admissions Associate III before becoming the CRM Manager. In her new position, Fillip reports to Jeremy Guc, HFC Supervisor of Admissions and Recruiting.

Students can't wait for their journey to begin

“I have always had an interest working in higher education,” said Fillip. “Being on the other end as a student, I can relate to their experiences. I enjoy being able to assist our students along in the admissions process and set them up for success at the College. It always brings me joy when a student expresses excitement over being admitted to the College, and how they can’t wait for their journey to begin at HFC!”

As CRM Manager, Fillip’s duties include:

  • Conducting system testing to ensure processes are running smoothly in both the Ellucian Recruit CRM and the Ellucian Colleague Student Information System.
  • Developing and managing workflows in Recruit to automate admissions processes and ensuring the appropriate handling of inquiries and applications at various stages of the incoming student lifecycle.
  • Performing duplicate resolution of student records and resolving other system errors that occur during application import.
  • Designing processes in the CRM that limit system errors and duplicates.
  • Managing application, inquiry, and event forms used to collect student information in Recruit.

“Lisa’s experience with Recruit, her knowledge of HFC’s admissions processes and procedures, and her technical acumen make her a great person for the CRM Manager position,” said Guc. “I look forward to working with Lisa as she grows into her new role and helps us move forward in our use of the Recruit CRM.”

“I will always cherish my experiences at HFC”

An alumna of Divine Child High School in Dearborn, Fillip began her education at HFC, as did her older brother Eric. She transferred to Wayne State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology. Fillip later graduated with honors from Walsh College in Troy with her master’s degree in management with a concentration in human resources (HR).

“Growing up in the area, I knew about HFC for a long time,” she said. “I was a student at HFC and really enjoyed my experience there. Attending HFC after high school made my transition to college a lot easier. I really acclimated to the environment well and made many lifelong friends! I also enrolled in many amazing classes and had great teachers who taught me a lot. I will always cherish my experience at HFC and encourage others who are thinking about attending as well.”

Providing opportunities for everyone

It’s a thrill for Fillip to work at her alma mater.

“The best part of working at HFC is the students! I love being able to help the students succeed!” she said. “I have also gotten to work with some amazing student workers over the years. Another great part of working at HFC is the staff – I have met so many amazing people while working here and made some lifelong friends!”

Fillip feels at home being at a community college.

“I love the fact that community colleges can provide opportunities for everyone,” she said. “Whether it’s someone interested in doing trades, non-traditional students, or transfer students, community colleges provide an affordable option for all. I also love the smaller community feel of HFC, and how attending here first can make transferring to a 4-year college or university an easier transition for students – just like it did for me!”