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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Get to Know HFC: Jamie Henne

HFC Hawk and Jamie Henne pose together.
Jamie Henne (right) poses with the Hawkster.

HFC’s Jamie Henne believed a career in education was in his future.

And it was – but not in the way HFC’s newly-promoted Testing Manager - Enrollment Services thought it would be.

“I have always enjoyed sports and physical activity. While in college, I started coaching wrestling. I thought teaching and coaching would be my future,” said Henne, of Brownstown Charter Township. “After graduating from college, there were not a lot of available physical education teaching jobs in Michigan, and I needed to find a good job to support my family. I applied for a financial aid position at MIAT College of Technology and have been in higher education ever since.”

Born in Virginia, Henne, the youngest of three, moved with his family to Michigan when he was 2. An alumnus of Romulus High School, he earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education and health from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.

Campus environment and diversity

Henne began working at HFC nearly eight years ago. His first position at HFC was as a Financial Aid Associate, which he held from 2014-16. Then he became an Enrollment Associate IV. In 2017, he added the additional duties of working the front line at the Solution Center and managing the Testing Center in the Welcome Center. The position of Testing Manager seemed like a good next step.

“I wanted to move to a public institution [from MIAT]. I knew HFC was one of the best community colleges in the state and wanted to be a part of it. The diversity and campus environment had a very big impact on my decision,” said Henne.

As the Testing Manager - Enrollment Services, Henne’s duties include:

  • Managing placement
  • Hybrid testing
  • Assisting with the Nursing Admission Test
  • Building a stronger testing department

This position is newly created, where Henne oversees three team members. That number may grow as HFC continues to transition back to more in-person campus services. IHenne reports to HFC Assistant Director of Enrollment Services, Assessment, and Orientation Nikole Ford-Kondraciuk.

Making the process easier for students

“This is a new position, and I am happy and excited to pioneer this role,” said Henne. “My goal is to continuously improve our students’ experience at HFC. Whether it’s improving placement or expanding hybrid testing, I want to make College testing processes easier for students.”

“Jamie has incorporated new ideas and technology into our testing processes at HFC, and I look forward to working with him and the team to continue enhancing our testing services for students,” said Ford-Kondraciuk.

Henne plans to remain at HFC for the long haul.

“My career goal is to be with HFC, assisting students in achieving their career goals. I really enjoy the people here. From students to coworkers, I enjoy the diversity and learning from them,” he said. “The community college environment is great. I like the smaller campus size and student population. It is very satisfying when you are able to help a student who needs it, and I think a community college has a higher student population of students in need.”