Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Aspiring lawyer begins her education at HFC – just like her mother

Finnley Culhane

HFC student Finnley Culhane knows how to argue, so becoming an attorney seems a natural fit for her.

“It’s always been my dream job. I can picture myself in that profession. It’s been instilled in me since a young age that I'm ‘good at arguing.’ My family would always say I'm a potential lawyer. I know there’s a lot more than just arguing that goes into it, but I am also interested in politics, and I’ve always loved reading and writing,” explained Culhane, who lives in Ontario, Canada.

She is majoring in political science at HFC. Not only is this semester her first semester at HFC, it’s also her mother Teena’s. An alumna of HFC herself, Teena Culhane is the new Director of Clinical Education of the HFC Respiratory Therapy program.

Her mother’s job was a major factor in helping Culhane decide to attend HFC, especially after the pandemic derailed her plans to study abroad in Canterbury, England upon graduating from St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic High School in Ontario.

“My mother got a job at the College, and I’ve always wanted to continue my education in the U.S., so it seemed like destiny,” said Culhane. “We drive to school together and spend lots of time together. It’s super convenient. If I ever need to talk to someone, I always have an option. It’s also great that we have a car on campus so if either of us ever has to go in earlier or stay later, the other one can drive somewhere to kill time.”

Litigious aspirations

Upon graduating from HFC in 2023, Culhane – who’s fluent in French like her mother – plans to continue her undergraduate education either at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, the University of Detroit Mercy, Wayne State University, or Michigan State University.

“I don’t have a set plan yet (for law school). I’m probably going to end up going to law school in Michigan, although I've always dreamed of going to law school in New York,” said Culhane.

At this point, she plans to go into corporate law.

“I’ve always wanted to work for a large firm and deal with large lawsuits that have multiple lawyers working on,” she said.

“A healthy change of scenery”

Culhane says she’s enjoying her time at HFC. Her favorite class is Introduction to American Government, which is taught by Dr. Eric Rader.

"It is wonderful to have Finnley as a student here at HFC,” said Rader. “Adjustment to college life is always a new and challenging experience. I'm glad to see her work so hard to be successful in her classes."

“I've had a great experience so far. I love going to campus. I really enjoy the layout. I also like our online system Moodle; it’s really easy to navigate,” said Culhane. “Honestly, my favorite part is being in America. I was born here (in Royal Oak) and have always wanted to live here in my adulthood. Even though it’s a 15-minute drive from my house, it feels like a world away. It’s really a healthy change of scenery for me.”