Release Date: 
Monday, May 24, 2021

April / May HR update: new hires, retirements, resignations

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The following staff changes were approved by the HFC Board of Trustees at its April and May 2021 meetings.

New Hires: Welcome to HFC!

(Fall 2021 Start for all FT Faculty)

Heather Khanna, Biology
Jessica Mahoney, Biology
Michael Eng Hong Sin, Mathematics
Nick Baran, Mathematics
Jesse Mason, Physics
Jeremy Adelman, Physics

Jermaine Reese, Criminal Justice
Michael Petri, Criminal Justice
Courtney Henderson, English
Brianne Radke, English
Sommer Sterud, English
Kathy Jaczynski, Humanities

Ashlee Barnes, Psychiatric Nursing
Christie Buck, Medical/Surgical Nursing
Carolyn Casale, Pre-Education
Teena Culhane, Respiratory Therapy

Victoria Swenicicki, Accounting

Eboni Gill, Department Secretary, Academic Advising replacing Michelle Holinski
Glenn Hill, Campus Safety Associate, replacing Harrison Garcia


Lori Fracassa, Division Secretary, Academic Affairs

Chester Merta, Campus Safety Associate,

Nancy Meyers, Help Desk Associate, Network, and Infrastructure


Paul Crane, Network Systems Analyst, Web and Application Services,

Christine Johnson, Physical Therapy Instructor, School of Health and Human Services

Marcus Taylor, Building Operator, Facility Services

Look for all HR-related news and information at the Human Resources website.