Release Date: 
Friday, January 8, 2021

All Winter classes except health labs and clinicals will begin in online formats

Winter class announcement

Summary information for HFC students

Winter 2021 classes begin Monday, January 11!

All 15-week and first 8-week HFC classes (except nursing and health labs and clinicals) will be held in ONLINE formats until at least January 25.

Most classes will remain online throughout the entire semester.

The limited number of trades, health, and hospitality classes that are scheduled to be held face-to-face will resume on-campus instruction on or after January 25.

Face-to-face students: Reach out to your instructors for clarification of your on-campus and online class dates.

See more details below!

Have a great semester.

Full details

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has issued guidelines for in-person gatherings that will affect some HFC courses in the Winter semester.

Our goal as a College is to keep you as safe as possible, while providing a high-quality education to help you achieve your goals.

Please note the following details about the Winter 2021 semester.

  1. Classes for the 15-week semester and first 8-week semester will begin Monday, January 11 as scheduled.

  2. Most HFC Winter 2021 classes are scheduled to be online throughout the entire Winter semester, and will remain in online formats throughout the semester.

  3. All sections of all courses, except nursing and health labs and clinicals, will be online until at least January 25. On or after January 25, classes that were scheduled for face-to-face instruction may be permitted on campus with screening, face masks, and social distancing.

  4. If you are enrolled in a class that is scheduled to be face-to-face and is not a nursing or health lab or clinical, your class instructor will notify you of when you will be able to come to campus. Please do not come to campus until you confirm the dates and times with your instructor. Continue working online until you are notified to come to campus.

We wish you a safe and successful Winter 2021 semester! Thanks for being an HFC student.

If you need help with anything related to Winter semester, check out our Winter 2021 Resources website for students.