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Monday, June 15, 2020

Ten student-athletes earn NJCAA All-Academic honors

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HFC’s student-athletes completed the Winter 2020 Semester with an overall GPA of 2.72. This is a slight increase over the student-athletes' overall GPA of 2.69 during the Fall 2020 semester.

Ten student-athletes earned National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) All-Academic Honors completing at least 24 credit hours with GPAs between 3.68 and 4.0.

“Our coaches did a great job staying in touch with their teams and providing the encouragement our student-athletes needed to hang in there and finish strong academically, as well as athletically,” said HFC Athletic Director Rochelle Taylor.

The 10 student-athletes earning NJCAA All-Academic Honors

NJCAA All-Academic First Team (4.0 GPA)
• Abbie Begley (4.0 GPA) – Softball/Sophomore

NJCAA All-Academic Second Team (3.8 to 3.9 GPA)
• Halee Dorn (3.88 GPA) – Volleyball/Sophomore
• Olivia Grantham (3.97 GPA) – Volleyball/Sophomore
• Matthew Kosiba (3.97 GPA) – Golf/Sophomore
• Aseel Almudhala (3.81 GPA) – Wrestling/Freshman

NJCAA All-Academic Third Team (3.6 to 3.79 GPA)
• Carlos Tumpkin (3.71 GPA) – Baseball/Sophomore
• Joshua Lalonde (3.69 GPA) – Baseball/Freshman
• Jacoby Dale (3.68 GPA) – Baseball/Sophomore
• Tristan Thompson (3.68 GPA) – Baseball/Sophomore
• Terry Johnson (3.65 GPA) – Wrestling/Freshman

Golf wins Team Award
The HFC Golf Team earned a NJCAA Team Academic Award for completing the 2019-20 academic year with a team GPA of 3.45.

“Our Hawks soared above the challenges they confronted during the semester,” said Taylor. “We are so proud of these students who earned All-Academic honors.”