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Friday, April 3, 2020

Keambra Pierson will become Associate Dean of BEPD in July

Keambra Pierson

Effective July 1, the start of fiscal year 2020-21, HFC Surgical Technologist program director Keambra Pierson will become the Associate Dean of the HFC School of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Professional Development (BEPD).

In this position, Pierson will report to Dr. Patricia Chatman, HFC Dean of BEPD. Pierson – whose three-year term as Associate Dean runs through June 30, 2023 – will succeed current Associate Dean Bob James, who will return to faculty upon completion of his three-year term.

“Coming in as someone who hasn't worked in BEPD, I hope to offer the school a non-biased, fresh perspective. I hadn't planned to move to BEPD, but I was excited when the opportunity presented itself. I was eager to take on this kind of challenging position,” said Pierson, of Taylor. “BEPD is a big school that is making great contributions to our students at the College. I am excited to meet and work with the faculty and staff. I am also looking forward to working with Dr. Chatman.”

Alumna of the HFC Surgical Technologist program

A 2006 graduate of HFC, where she earned her associate of applied science degree in surgical technology, Pierson earned her bachelor’s degree in healthcare management and applied science from Siena Heights University in 2008. She earned her master’s degree in counseling from Spring Arbor University in 2013. Currently, Pierson is in the doctorate of community college leadership program at Ferris State University.

Pierson has followed a varied career in business and mental health. “I have managed a variety of businesses: a doctor's office, a thriving counseling practice, and a real estate office. As a counselor, I have worked in community mental health, and I had my own private practice. I worked as a consultant with various companies, including consulting with doctor's offices to teach them how to screen for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. I worked with other companies to implement strategies to minimize stress in the workplace and boost employee morale,” she said.

Pierson returned to HFC as faculty member in 2015 after teaching at Baker College for seven years, and is currently the director of the HFC Surgical Technology program. Last year, the program created a new state-of-the-art lab with equipment to simulate real-life patient care scenarios. The newly-renovated lab had more of an operating room feel than a classroom feel, giving students a simulation of the environment in which they will work after they graduate.

Surgical Technologist program has high success rate

The new Surgical Tech lab has the capacity to provide innovative, specialized surgical robotic training for doctors. “We have programs from top-tier med schools that want to come in and train med students and residents in our lab!” said Pierson. “That’s exciting and gratifying for us. It really says a lot about our program.”

Part of the HFC School of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Surgical Technologist program is nationally accredited by the Commission of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). For five consecutive years, HFC students have taken the National Certified Surgical Technologist Exam with a 100% pass rate. For the past 10 years, HFC students have found 100% job placement.

“Again, that says a lot about this program,” she said.

Seeking a change of pace

Pierson is looking forward to assuming the duties of the Associate Dean in BEPD.

“BEPD and HHS are both areas that focus on career education,” she said. “I understand the skill set required to run such programs that necessitate keeping abreast of current industry trends and demands. I have sustained success in running an accredited program. I look forward to working with my colleagues in BEPD, because I know they share that same commitment to quality and high standards of excellence.”