It’s EMS Week! Show your appreciation for these frontline workers

Release Date: 
Sunday, May 17, 2020


We share this story with you in honor of EMS Week, May 17-23.

In May 2019, Henry Ford College's EMS program, headed by Program Director Shannon Bruley, visited Dearborn's Snow Elementary School to talk about safety and to give the students some fun, hands-on experiences with the EMS team. Snow teacher Christina Greco welcomed the team and helped teach the students new skills.

Some of the things the young students learned:

  • Stop, drop, and roll
  • How smoke detectors work
  • What the inside of an ambulance is like
  • Health checkups can be fun
  • Stay low and crawl out if you're in a smoky room

The day was a way for HFC students to interact with children in the community and pass on basic safety skills. Community education is part of the curriculum and experience of the HFC program.

"Our students who volunteer for this experience learn the affective skills associated with communicating with young kids, as many of them have not had this kind of teaching opportunity," said Bruley. "We also do a simple Healthy Kids check, which can count toward the paramedic graduation skill portfolio."

HFC students participating in the experience were:

  • Jan Burgos- graduated and works for Beaumont Mobile Health
  • Eric Bruley- graduated and works for Romulus FD
  • Reece Lewellen - graduated and works for Dearborn FD
  • Jacob Robbins- graduated and works for Trenton FD
  • Zainab Kazwini- graduated and finishing her BS at UD Mercy.
  • Brendan Veach- graduates 2020- working at Dearborn FD

The HFC students were accompanied by Sparky the Fire Dog (HFC student Reece Lewellen) who brought extra fun to the day.

How can you participate in EMS Week 2020?

Henry Ford College thanks the frontline emergency medical professionals who risk their lives to save ours 24/7.

Let’s support our local heroes by saying, “thank you for caring.”

Due to COVID 19, we are unable to come together for planned activities this year. However, we can all take a moment and thank the people who are on call 24/7 to keep our community safe. Here are some ways you can show support:

Send a note to your local EMS agency letting them know you and your family appreciate them.

Publicly thank EMS

If you have received emergency services, publicly thank those individuals or agencies who helped you in your time of need.

Chalk your walk with a thank you message

Then post your art to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for others to see

Window Art

Have kids? Make window art or a yard sign thanking EMS! Fun, pretty, and a nice way to say thanks.

No matter how you say thanks, we appreciate you. We hear you; we see you and we thank you for supporting us.

Shannon Bruley, HFC EMS program director