Release Date: 
Friday, January 24, 2020

The Hawks’ Nest celebrates four years of providing food for students

Three Hawks' Nest volunteers.
Hawks' Nest volunteers provide essential services to students.

The HFC food pantry for students, the Hawks’ Nest, opened its doors in January 2016. Over the following four years, the Hawks’ Nest has received donations of approximately 25,000 lbs. of food and 6,600 personal care items. In fact, the Hawks’ Nest received one ton of food in December 2019 alone.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from individuals, groups, and organizations on campus and in our local community,” said HFC Student Activities Associate Mandy Earl.

How the Hawks’ Nest works

The Hawks’ Nest provides supplemental food assistance to HFC students experiencing food insecurity. HFC has many students who need and benefit from this service. The intent is to make the process easy and confidential for students.

To receive food from the Hawks’ Nest, students must be enrolled in at least one credit hour during the current semester at HFC and have a valid student ID. The food pantry works on the honor system. Students are not required to document their food needs.

Students register during their first visit to the Hawks’ Nest, completing a brief intake form that collects demographic information for statistical purposes. All demographic information is confidential. Students must register once per year. Registered students receive a Hawks’ Nest membership card. The Hawks’ Nest is on the first floor of the ASCC (Building L). Students may visit the Hawks’ Nest once per week, to a maximum of four times per month. Students select their food as if they were in a grocery store. A suggested list of food choices is available upon request. Students receive a reusable canvas bag during their first visit, and are encouraged to reuse it for subsequent visits.

Hawks’ Nest origins

The impetus to open a food pantry at HFC came about in 2015 when Dr. Stanley Jensen, then-president of HFC, learned some students were struggling with not having enough food. He knew that food insecurity created a barrier to academic success.

The Hawks’ Nest was created so students don’t have to go hungry.

“A group of HFC employees visited food pantries at other colleges and universities in the area to gather information, then searched our campus for a prime location. Once the College decided to open our food pantry, this group came up with a plan for it,” said Earl.

How you can help

To keep the Hawks’ Nest stocked, HFC relies on donations from the community.

The Hawks' Nest is always ready to accept donations of non-expired/non-perishable food items, personal care items, and funds. All support goes directly to HFC students. For people wishing to make monetary donations to the Hawks’ Nest, please make them payable to the HFC Foundation. Individuals may submit these checks and money orders during regular business hours in the Office of Student Activities, located in Rm. M-105 in the Student & Culinary Arts Center (Bldg. M). Please make cash donations through normal HFC Foundation protocols.

Monetary donations are tax deductible. HFC will provide a receipt. Cash or checks will not be accepted at the Hawks’ Nest. There is no cash on the premises.

For questions or further information about the Hawks’ Nest, contact Earl at (313) 317-1756 or