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Sunday, January 5, 2020

December HR update: new hires, retirements, bereavements

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The following staff changes were approved by the HFC Board of Trustees at its December 13, 2019 meeting.

New Hires: Welcome to HFC!

LaDonna Holley, Executive Director, Human Resources (Replacement/Restructure)

Sarah Castillo, ELI Instructor, School of Liberal Arts (Replacement/Restructure)

Hanan Fadlallah, ELI Instructor, School of Liberal Arts (Replacement/Restructure)

Roger Frank, ELI Instructor, School of Liberal Arts (Replacement/Restructure)

Jessica Shamberger, ELI Instructor, School of Liberal Arts (Replacement/Restructure)

June Williams, Enrollment Associate II, Enrollment Services, replacing Connie Morang

Reuben Brukley, Director, Facilities Services, replacing Sandro Silvestri

Jennifer Markin, Coordinator, Program Improvement and Effectiveness, replacing VP Lori Gonko


Reginald Kirkland, Director, K-12 Relations, effective 12/31/19


James Elmer, Energy Technology Instructor, School of Business, Entrepreneurship and Professional Development, 42 years of service, effective 6/30/20

Timothy Seguin, Accountant, Financial Services, 14.5 years of service, effective 3/31/20

Achievement of Tenure

Heather Champagne, Nursing Instructor, School of Heath and Human Services, effective 12/16/19

Expressions of Sympathy

William Jacques, appointed 1/7/02, Adjunct Mathematics Instructor, School of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics, deceased 12/9/19

James Knerr, appointed 1/31/11, Desktop Associate, Network and Infrastructure, deceased 11/25/19

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