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Release Date: 
Monday, May 18, 2020

Dearborn area Michigan Redistricting Town Hall, May 20

Event Date: 
Wed, 05/20/2020 - 5:00pm
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The Michigan Department of State is are pleased to invite students, faculty and staff at Henry Ford College to the Dearborn Area Redistricting Virtual Town Hall to discuss Michigan’s first ever citizen-led redistricting commission, co-hosted by The City of Dearborn, The Dearborn Chamber of Commerce and ACCESS, and several more Dearborn area organizations.

The Redistricting Virtual Town Hall will be THIS WEDNESDAY at 5:00PM - RSVP at this website

The application deadline is June 1 – less than one month away – so we encourage you to act fast and apply now at Applying has never been easier, with email submission of applications to the Michigan Department of State and online notarization. Please visit to learn more.

Details on Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and why it matters to YOU are listed below.

What is Redistricting?

Every 10 years following the U.S. Census, district lines for political offices must be redrawn in states across the country to accurately reflect their population. These districts determine political representation.

What is Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission? In Michigan, a randomly selected commission of citizens is responsible for drawing U.S. congressional and state House and Senate district lines for Michigan elections. These districts determine political representation. In 2018, voters amended the state constitution to make citizens, not legislators or special interests, responsible for drawing district lines.

Why should YOU apply?

You can ensure people like YOU and those in your community have a voice at the table by applying today! Looking for more great reasons to apply?

  • Give a voice to your community
  • Create more fair and representative elections in Michigan
  • Receive $40,000 compensation
  • Add amazing professional experience to your resume
  • Participate in a once-in-a-decade opportunity
  • Make history by serving on Michigan’s first-ever redistricting commission

Who can apply?

All registered voters in the state of Michigan are invited to apply. The constitutional amendment establishes a commission of 13 registered voters randomly selected through an application process. Of the 13 commissioners, four will affiliate with the Democratic Party, four will affiliate with the Republican Party, and five will not affiliate with either major political party.

Do you need special skills or experience to apply?

No! Everyday Michiganders will serve on this commission and will be responsible for drawing district lines. No special knowledge or experience is required.

What is the time commitment to serve as a commissioner and what about my current job?

Once seated, the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will create its own schedule. While we don’t have an exact estimate of the time commitment, a similar commission in California found that the workload varied. Some weeks may be limited to a handful of hours, while others may be much more intensive.

Additionally, the constitution prohibits a selected commissioner’s employer from terminating or retaliating against them because of their membership on the Commission. As such, selected commissioners are protected, should they choose to maintain employment while serving on the Commission.

We’re eager to engage members of your community and want to invite YOU to apply. This is an extraordinary moment for all Michiganders to get involved and ensure the fairness and integrity of our elections.

If you have any questions about redistricting or about this historic opportunity, you can find out more at our website,, or contact us via social media at @redistrictingMI on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or email us at