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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Computer Science instructor will help grow the field via new state post

Jason Canfield, who has taught computer science at HFC since 2009, was recently elected to the MiCSTA state board.
Jason Canfield, who has taught computer science at HFC since 2009, was recently elected to the MiCSTA state board.

Jason Canfield, an HFC computer science instructor, was recently elected to a one-year term to serve on the state board of the Michigan Computer Science Teacher Association (MiCSTA) as its university liaison.

“I look forward to working collaboratively with fellow educators and like-minded industry professionals to further grow and expand the progression of computer science in the classroom and workforce,” said Canfield, of Troy, a Career and Technical Education (CTE)/Information Technology (IT) Business Teacher for Farmington Public Schools.

Primary duty as university liaison

Canfield’s primary duty as MiCSTA’s university liaison is serving as a connection between high schools and universities in making sure the standards and learning goals in computer science education are being transitioned smoothly from secondary education to post-secondary education.

“I want to make sure high school students continue to pursue a career in computer science and transfer their computer science skills into their college classes,” said Canfield. “I am looking forward to the next school year and working through these challenging times,” he said. “It will definitely make me stay on top of my teaching game.”

Educational background

The Garden City High School graduate is a three-time alumnus of Eastern Michigan University (EMU): He earned his bachelor’s degree in business education, his master’s degree in technology, and his graduate certificate in business administration. Canfield specializes in the areas of technology and culture and information systems (programming and implementation). He holds both a professional education certificate and CTE Occupational Certificate. A Microsoft and Google Certified Educator, he holds credentials in Office, Excel expert, and MTA certifications in security, operating systems, block-based programming, and HTML CSS programming.

Canfield has been a teacher for 17 years – 14 in Detroit and three in Farmington. He has been at HFC for 12 years, teaching CIS 100: Intro to Information Technology and BCA 145: Spreadsheets. He has also taught at Macomb Community College.

“I have always had a love of technology and how things work and using computers to make everything more efficient,” said Canfield. “I’ve always wanted to be able to give back and contribute to future generations.”

The diversity at HFC

Canfield’s reason for coming to HFC 12 years ago is he likes working with older students who are looking to get started in their careers. He spoke about some of the advantages teaching at the college level.

“At the college level, the students are more focused on their pathway since they are mostly paying for their education. At the high school level, it can sometimes be more of a challenge to motivate students, but – luckily – I teach computers, which is something kids like.”

For Canfield, the best part of teaching at HFC is the College’s rich diversity.

“I enjoy the diversity of the students,” he said. “I enjoy learning about their cultures and the experiences they bring into the classroom.”