Release Date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thank You to all our "May I Help You" Volunteers!

How May I Help You Guide

The Employee Recognition and Engagement Committee thanks you, HFC faculty and staff!

We are so proud of the commitment to our students by the faculty and staff of HFC, achieved by the “May I Help You?” initiative at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Volunteers from all areas of campus -- the Welcome Center, Academic Affairs, and everywhere in between -- were stationed in strategic locations, wearing light blue shirts with “May I Help You?” lettering on the back, ready to help students find their classes. These smiling faces had a great impact on students’ first few days of the semester, and we want you to know how much your efforts were appreciated.

This is the second year for the "How May I Help You?" initiative. We look forward to continuing this support and dedication in helping our HFC students.