Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2019

HFC provided a family setting for future nursing student

HFC President Russell Kavalhuna and student Tiffanie Osley.
HFC President Russell Kavalhuna and student Tiffanie Osley.

Even though Tiffanie Osley had completed coursework at two other educational institutions, she felt more at home with HFC.

“It was like a family setting with the smaller classes,” said Osley, of River Rouge. “I came here, and I stuck with it here. I have really good professors. They made me want to finish my program. They stayed in touch with me after I finished their classes. They want people to succeed here.”

A presidential visit

HFC President Russell Kavalhuna makes it a habit to walk around campus, and occasionally to drop in on classes that are in session. For him, it’s one of the best parts of the job. In those several minutes, he asks students what can be done to improve their experiences at HFC. On Aug. 26, he dropped in to Osley’s biology class, taught by Dr. Roberta Traini.

The presidential visit left quite an impression on Osley, a single mother of six whose parents, Anthony and Linda Osley, are HFC alumni.

Osley was so impressed that she emailed Kavalhuna, thanking him for visiting the class.

“I like that he’s involved. He came to this class and asked if we were okay, and he asked how he could help make our semester better,” said Osley. “I like how he interacted with the students. I’ve been coming to HFC since 2015 and I’ve never met a president before. I didn’t even know who the president of HFC was when I first started. To me, that says a lot about him and that he genuinely cares.”

Hawk becomes a Warrior

This semester is Osley’s final one at HFC. In December, she will graduate from the College, earning her associate degree in science. She will transfer to Wayne State University and major in nursing. Currently, she works as a pharmacy courier at Ascension Hospital in Southfield.

“Tiffanie Osley is my student in Biology 234. She is studious, intelligent, and focused. She has a very pleasant demeanor and a firm determination to become a nurse. I have no doubt she will be very successful as both a nursing student and a compassionate and knowledgeable nurse,” said Dr. Cristina Bailey, HFC's director of Academic Affairs and faculty member.

Helping every student to succeed

Osley wanted to give Kavalhuna and the HFC faculty and staff a final shout-out.

“I would like to thank President Kavalhuna for taking the time to come into the classroom and talking with us,” she said. “I would also like to let him know that my experience at HFC has been nothing but wonderful. The professors genuinely care about seeing me succeed, and the staff are kind and patient whenever I call or speak with them. I will remember my time at HFC with gratitude.”

President Kavalhuna says his visits to campus classes and his conversations with students are a core part of his responsibilities. He wants every student to know that our top priority at HFC is your personal and professional success. "There is always someone here who can help if you need something," he said. "Come talk to us. If you're not sure where to start, talk to me on campus, or stop by our Welcome Center. We want to see every student succeed."