Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

HFC launches Spanish Language program for the Fall 2019 Semester

colorful background with the words Aprender el Español

Habla Español? Get your Spanish on this fall at HFC as we launch three new initiatives under the umbrella of our new Spanish Language program.

As part of the College’s “Success in 60” program. HFC will offer an associate degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Spanish for business or a concentration in Spanish for education. This program allows a smooth curriculum transition when students transfer from HFC to a university to complete their bachelor’s degree.

“This gives students who are either majoring or minoring in Spanish the opportunity to continue their foreign language education beyond the program requirements,” said HFC Spanish instructor Maggie Rutkowski.

The second initiative is a Spanish Studies certificate, which requires four semesters of Spanish. Most universities require at least two semesters of foreign language study for transfer students. This certificate allows students to demonstrate second-language skills.

The third initiative is SPN 130: Introduction to Hispanic Cultures. This new course introduces Hispanic cultures throughout the globe, focusing on their histories, traditions, values, and characteristics. It also provides a survey of mainstream and minority Hispanic experiences as documented through art, literature, music, and film – all forms of entertainment. Unlike most Spanish classes, this class is conducted in English, and does not fulfill program requirements for a language course. A more detailed description is here.

HFC will offer waivers for Spanish-language proficiency on a case-by-case basis, says Rutkowski.

“Having native Spanish speakers in my classes enriches other students,” she said. “I learned a lot about Puerto Rican Spanish from my students. Those who are learning a foreign language are never finished learning. I’m still learning every day.”

For more information about the Spanish language and culture courses and program, contact Rutkowski at 313-317-6887 or