Release Date: 
Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hawk Hero parking nominations due on the 22nd of each month

Hawk Hero parking sign

Nominations for Hawk Hero parking are due by the 22nd of each month for the next month.

Nominate Hawk Heroes

Hawk Heroes are people who go above-and-beyond to serve students, faculty, staff, and visitors on our campuses. It's up to you to nominate your colleagues! Nominate someone to receive a month’s pass to a Hawk Hero parking spot, by submitting a Hawk Hero nomination coupon. (Please contact HR for coupon books).

Prior to giving the Hawk Hero coupon to the recipient, please scan and email the coupon to

Coupons received in one month are eligible for parking in a designated spot the following month. Parking awards are valid for the entire month the award is issued.

NOTE: Hawk Hero parking is for a specific, designated parking spot. Hawk Heroes must park in the specific spot designated for them during the month in which they are awarded the spot. All efforts will be made to award a parking spot based on the location closest to an employee’s primary work location, but we cannot guarantee choices of spots.

Map of Hawk Hero Parking locations Hawk Hero locations on main and east campuses

Locations of Hawk Hero Parking spots:
1. Main Campus: Lot 11, south side of H building (Gymnasium)
2. Main Campus: Lot 12, next to L building (formerly the President's spot)
3. Main Campus: Building N/M Visitor Lot, east side of campus (near Campus Safety/5101 Restaurant)
4. Main Campus: Lot 1, northeast staff lot
5. Main Campus: Staff parking section, adjacent to lot 4, north of E building
6. Main Campus: Welcome Center, north lot
7. East Campus - Nursing
8. East Campus - M-TEC

Drawing Process: All entries will be added to a spreadsheet and assigned a corresponding entry number. A random drawing of the eligible nominees for the following month will be completed, and winners will be notified.

The winners will receive a letter of congratulations from President Kavalhuna, and will also receive a dashboard parking certificate indicating the parking spot and the dates when the spot will be theirs.

Campus Safety and Facilities will have a record of these assignments, to assist in making sure the Hawk Hero has exclusive access to their spot during their designated month.

Keep an eye out for the online HR Newsletter, which will announce the monthly winners to the College community!