Release Date: 
Monday, July 15, 2019

Fall project requests for Graphics Center and Print Shop

Al Betancourt in the print shop

Fall semester is our busiest time of year in the Print Shop and Graphics Center. We look forward to serving your design and printing needs.

Please be aware of a few changes from past years.

  1. We strongly recommend you get your printing and design requests for Fall semester in to early, so your projects will not be delayed.

    1. While we always seek to provide excellent service, the Graphics Center and Print Shop has a total staff of three people, and serves the entire College, providing most services at no cost to you.
    2. We will observe our standard turn-around time of ONE WEEK for straightforward printing projects. There may be times when we are able to deliver projects more quickly, but please do not expect or ask for quicker turn-around. We will undertake projects in the order we receive them.
    3. We will observe our standard turn-around time of TWO OR MORE weeks for complex projects requiring custom design.
    4. We anticipate and appreciate your courtesy about these turn-around times.
  2. We will no longer authorize overtime hours for Graphics Center staff to accommodate late requests with urgent deadlines.

    1. If you send us a project and request delivery within our standard turn-around time, we will do everything we can, including overtime where feasible, to meet the deadlines we have published. However, we will not add overtime to complete projects that are not submitted within our standard turn-around time.
    2. The only way to make sure you receive your project when you need it is to get it to us early. With rare exceptions, we handle work in the order it comes in. If we are unable to meet your requested timelines within our normal workweek, we will complete your requests as soon as we reasonably can. We will notify you of what to expect.
  3. We will no longer print department newsletters (see announcement and rationale from January 2019).

    We would be happy to refer you to outside resources, if you want to print a newsletter and you have the funds. Or, you may choose to present your information, at no charge, via the College's website. For assistance with website news stories, contact Kurt Krug.

A complete list of our services and a more detailed look at our priorities and timelines is on the Marketing and Communications website.

Thank you for your consideration and collegiality. Questions about Graphics Center and Print Shop operations, or Marketing and Communications: