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Monday, December 3, 2018

From music to medicine: music is her passion; nursing is her calling

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photo of Kevin Dewey and Jasmine Young

CAPTION: HFC music professor G. Kevin Dewey and music student/nursing student Jasmine Young.

HFC student Jasmine Young wanted to major in music. She also wanted to major in nursing.

She’s doing both.

Earlier this year, Young, of Detroit, earned her associate degree in music. She plays the piano and the saxophone, and sings in the choir.

“I started playing in sixth grade. I fell in love with music. In high school, I was in marching band for two years and jazz band for four years,” said Young, a 2016 alumna of Annapolis High School in Dearborn Heights.

During her time at HFC, Young has performed in Studio 110 and Blue Fusion vocal jazz ensemble. She is only one of the two females in the HFC Big Band. On Friday, Dec. 7, she will perform with the Big Band at “Karen Newman’s Christmas Spectacular.”

“The music program at HFC is phenomenal. (Music instructor) Kevin Dewey not only makes sure you know the material, he makes it fun,” said Young. “It’s an honor to perform with Karen Newman. I’m excited to meet her. Not many music programs give you these opportunities like HFC does.”

True calling is nursing

Young wants to make music her hobby, not her career. Her true calling is in nursing, and she aspires to become a surgical nurse.

Young is finishing her pre-requisites for the nursing program, and is taking additional music classes. She plans to apply to the nursing program at the end of the Winter 2019 Semester, to start her studies in Fall 2019.

“I’ve always wanted to help people,” she said. “I realize this is a big step, but the nursing program here at HFC is a phenomenal program. I know it’s a tough road, but it’s worth it. I’m willing to put in the work to become a surgical nurse.”

“Music is my passion!”

Just because Young is planning to make nursing her career doesn’t mean her saxophone will gather dust.

“Music is my passion! I love being able to perform. I’ll be connected to music for the rest of my life,” said Young. “I’ll be going to France in the summer of 2019 to perform with the Big Band. I can’t wait!”

“Jasmine Young is a top quality student, musician, and person,” said Dewey. “She has excelled in the music classes, bands, and choirs at Henry Ford College. She inspires and brings joy to everyone around her. I’m sure she’ll be equally inspiring and successful as a nursing student!”