Students Win Statewide Awards at LAND Conference

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Shandra Dicks placed second in the 3-D art contest with her sculpture “Dali’s Self Portrait.”

In mid-February, 13 HFC students will receive 13 individual awards and recognition at the 2017 Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) Conference, a statewide community college competition, in Muskegon.

For the second year in a row, HFC has boasted the largest number of winners from a single college at the LAND Conference. Last year, HFC had nine winners. This year’s 13 winners is a new record.

“As one of the few statewide conferences devoted specifically for community college students that rewards excellence in the liberal arts, the recognition given to the talent and the abilities of our own students in such a wide range of areas is especially meaningful,” said Dr. Peter Kim, an HFC English professor and LAND steering committee representative.

The 13 winners placed in the following categories:

  • LAND Student Scholars,
  • LAND Art Contests,
  • LAND Writing Contest – Creative Writing/Essays,
  • LAND Writing Contest – Fiction, and
  • LAND Writing Contest – Poetry.

Listed below are the HFC students who won in the LAND Student Scholars category and their presentations:

  • Bashair Pasha and Brittney Arafat, “Oakland North End (O.N.E.) Mile Project”;
  • Sophia Hart, “The Book of Kells – The Work of a Student”;
  • Farah Safieddine and Kutaiba Alrefaai, “Effects of Mobility Habits on Joint and Muscle Stress”;
  • Amanda Chatila, “The Lost Generation and Millenials”; and
  • Tabitha Sheronick, Mahdi Berry and Ryan Atkinson, “Keep Growing Detroit.”

Listed below are the HFC students who won in the LAND Art Contests and the name of the artwork they submitted:

  • Sarah Williams placed third in the 2-D art contest with her illustration “Fairytale Invasion in Black and White”; and
  • Shandra Dicks placed second in the 3-D art contest with her sculpture “Dali’s Self Portrait.”

Listed below are the HFC students who won in the three LAND Writing Contest categories and the names of their work:

  • Arafat, in her second win at the LAND Conference this year, won first place for “The Stains of the Surface” in the LAND Writing Contest – Creative Writing/Essay category;
  • Malik G. Clifton won second place for “Awaybound” in the LAND Writing Contest – Fiction category; and
  • Gloria Niles won second place for “A Time Before” in the LAND Writing Contest – Poetry category.

The mission of LAND is to develop and promote a network for strengthening liberal arts education across all 28 of Michigan’s community colleges. LAND sponsors five student competitions to recognize outstanding student work in the liberal arts: student scholars, creative writing, illustration, fine arts and digital literacy.

“It’s exciting being able to bring students from across Michigan and having their creative works on display. It’s really nice seeing this exhibition of community college and seeing how my students compare to other students across the state,” said Steve Glazer, an HFC ceramics/fine arts professor and LAND steering committee representative.

Williams, of Redford, confessed she wouldn’t have thought to submit her “Fairytale Invasion in Black and White” into LAND’s 2-D art competition until Glazer encouraged her to do so.

“It was an honor to be chosen. I’m exploring art formally for the first time. (Glazer) is a very encouraging teacher. I never would’ve submitted my work on my own. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I won. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody else’s artwork at the LAND Conference. It’s an honor to be among that many talented people,” said Williams.