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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HFC launches Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts

Chefs cooking and preparing food
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts

H FC is proud to announce the launch of its first baccalaureate degree program – a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Arts. This degree represents an enhancement to HFC’s award-winning Culinary Arts program and responds directly to industry needs.

Today’s hospitality professionals must demonstrate strong business management expertise and exceptional culinary skills to be competitive and successful. Well-paying management positions in the expanding range of hotels, travel destinations, restaurants, food and food service companies continue to increase, along with the need for well-educated, experienced leaders, according to Eric Gackenbach, who serves as academic coordinator of HFC’s Culinary Arts & Hotel/Restaurant Management.

“The multidisciplinary approach to hospitality education with the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts builds on the strong technical skills and hands-on lab experience students receive through the College’s nationally recognized Culinary Arts associate degree program,” he explained. “Students will further their business and managerial skills while developing industry-specific front-of-the-house (the service and management functions outside of the kitchen), cooking, baking and pastry, and leadership abilities to expand their career prospects. The four-year curriculum also emphasizes the arts and sciences to prepare students for a career in any segment of the hospitality industry,” Gackenbach added. Gackenbach, who holds an MBA, CEC, and CHE credentials, worked diligently with faculty, staff and administration for several years to achieve this milestone for HFC.

Gackenbach also noted that HFC’s Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts is different from degree programs in hospitality management at other four-year educational institutions for several reasons:

The program provides a great deal of hands-on lab classes versus traditional instruction in a classroom settin:

  1. You will study and practice cooking and baking
  2. You will study and practice service
  3. You will study and practice supervision and operations management
  4. You will complete two internships during the four-year program

HFC maintains open enrollment to anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent. After earning acceptance to the College, you can enroll in the associate degree program in Culinary Arts and the associate degree program in Hotel/Restaurant Management. After approximately two semesters and completion of the Culinary Skills Certificate (or a transfer equivalent), you can request admission to the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts degree program.

Some careers in the culinary arts field include:

  • Executive chef,
  • Sous chef,
  • Pastry chef,
  • Restaurateur/business owner,
  • Food, beverage, bakery manager,
  • Corporate hotel executive,
  • Media personality,
  • Food writer,
  • Research chef, and
  • Culinary educator.

“We’re proud to be the first department at HFC to offer a bachelor’s degree. Our Culinary Arts and Hotel/Restaurant Management programs have benefitted many adult learners who are now leaders in industry. We look forward to offering this additional credential to our traditional base of students, as well as those who come from further away to experience what we have to offer. Dearborn is a great place to visit, work, and live, not to mention that it is close to many high quality employers in the hospitality industry,” said Gackenbach.

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